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No one can ever
be prepared for injuries or know what to do in case they get injured.

Many Americans don’t receive adequate medical treatment for injuries just because they can’t afford it. As a result, their injuries get worse, which – worst-case scenario – can result in either disability or death.

What many Salt Lake City residents don’t realize is that you may not have to spend a penny from your pocket if you suffer injuries. Since many accidents are caused by someone else’s negligence, recklessness or carelessness, you may be able to pursue legal action.

And that’s where a Salt Lake City personal injury attorney comes in handy. We can save you a great deal of stress and frustration, and work 24/7 in order to obtain maximum compensation for your injuries.

Why so many people in Salt Lake City get injured

There are nearly 1 million registered vehicles in Utah and a fair share of those pass-through Salt Lake City. With the population of nearly 200,000 residents and so many cars in Utah, it’s no wonder that roadways and highways can become highly congested and lead to car accidents.

But car accidents and truck accidents in Salt Lake City are not the only causes of injury among local residents. As the best personal injury law firm in Salt Lake City, Jardine Law Offices P.C. has helped locals seek compensation via verdicts and settlements in all of the following cases:

The NHTSA reported 818 bicyclists were killed in 2015,

accounting for nearly 3{e5f0ef1a42106cc8b203833a9c3c2c30f408a85a022c8afb1558119fad706149} of all vehicular fatalities during that year. The government safety organization estimated 45,000 bicycle accidents during the same year, costing local economies $4 billion. With these statistics much higher than one would fathom for bicycling

According to Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA),

over 9000 accidents involving buses were recorded in 2009 alone. This data accounts for both school buses, and city buses, involved in accidents that injured one or more persons. Bus safety is often overlooked because buses are so much larger, meaning few associate bus accidents

The last thing anybody expects to deal with is a car accident injury

Unfortunately, Salt Lake City car accidents happen on a regular basis, and victims are often left with devastating injuries. At the Jardine Law Offices, our Salt Lake City car accident attorneys have extensive experience helping victims recover compensation after they have been harmed due to the negligence of other drivers on the roadway.

E-cigarettes are popular in the United States

particularly among younger Americans, Many people thought that vaping was safer than smoking traditional cigarettes, but we are now learning that e-cigarettes can cause serious injuries and illnesses. If you or a loved one have been harmed due to vaping, the Jardine Law Offices is here to help.

Educators & Teacher Retainer Service
Lyft is another popular rideshare app available on any

smartphone. Although Lyft drivers must meet certain requirements as well as background checks. Lyft drivers have a responsibility to provide safe transportation services for their passengers. Unfortunately accidents can happen. If you have been injured due to the negligence of a Lyft driver,

Medical mistakes can dramatically affect a person's life

If a victim is harmed due to the actions of a negligent medical provider in Salt Lake City, they need to seek legal assistance immediately. Medical mistakes can happen in many different ways, and the Salt Lake City medical malpractice attorneys at the Jardine Law Offices have extensive experience handling these cases.

2016 was particularly unkind to motorcycle riders, with 42 deaths

being reported across Utah highways and interstates. That’s six more fatalities than 2015, and 15{e5f0ef1a42106cc8b203833a9c3c2c30f408a85a022c8afb1558119fad706149} of Utah’s total fatality total for the year. Motorcycle riders flock to our magnificent state to enjoy the alluring views they can enjoy while barreling down the highway. When you’ve been injured by another vehicle’s

An aerial view of Salt Lake City at night is like an inverted night sky.

So many lights twinkling from buildings, restaurants, and nightlife. All this beautifully snuggled next to the Wasatch and Oquirrh mountain ranges. Who wouldn’t want to walk the streets of downtown and enjoy the nightlife? Who wouldn’t want to walk through the streets and enjoy

Businesses, even private parties, are indemnified by

Utah law to have premises that are safe for shoppers, tenants, and hotel guests. Stairways must be cleared of obstructions, areas where commoners are not allowed to enter must be properly fenced off, and rental units must be safe for those paying for their occupancy.

It is not unusual for a commercially available product or

prescription drug to be defective or even dangerous and result in product liability claims. Nearly any product under the right circumstances can become a hazard to the user or others. From food to baby furniture, fitness equipment and cars, the products we trust to be safe

Whether you’re on privately controlled, or commercially

owned property, you have the right to exist without fear of being injured. Simple things like walking downstairs, playing by a pool or living in an apartment shouldn’t have hazards attached to them, but it’s unfortunate that many premises do. The National Floor Safety Institute compiles data

Offering plenty of mountainous terrain and breathtaking hills,

Utah is a haven for snowmobile riders. Each year, you’ll see snow machine operators driving from surrounding states, even across the country, to enjoy the numerous snowmobile routes geographically positioned across this beautiful state. As with any off-road vehicle,

With numerous places to ski, sled or enjoy other sporting

activities, Utah attracts sporty individuals from across the nation looking to play competitively, or casually. However, sporting venues are restricted to slopes; bicycle, motorcycle, and skateboarding accidents can happen on competitive tracks or in open fields. To litigate these sports injuries properly,

Swimming pools are incredibly popular locations

for individuals and families alike, particularly during the summer, as people seek to beat the heat and still remain active. However, it is not uncommon for serious injuries to occur in and around a swimming pool.

Much like normal vehicular accidents, taxicab drivers

and their paying passengers have the right to utilize California’s roadways without being battered by other negligent vehicles. Unfortunately, it happens all too often that cabbies are loading passengers, or trying to beat a deadline, and get sideswiped by an impaired or distracted driver.

Trampolines can be a fun way for children to get exercise,

and they’re even fun for parents who want to join their children for a fun-filled family event. When inadequately assembled or cared for, a day of trampoline jumping fun can turn into a tragic personal injury to children, even adults.The Jardine Law Offices has significant experience

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration,

utilizing their Fatality Analysis Reporting System (FARS), collect truck accident data nationwide for purposes of analyzing ways to make roadways safer for passenger vehicles who coexist with larger trucks. Of the 415,000 reported truck accidents in 2015, 1{e5f0ef1a42106cc8b203833a9c3c2c30f408a85a022c8afb1558119fad706149} (3,598) were fatal,

More people in Salt Lake City currently use rideshare programs

than ever before. Uber is the most popular of these apps. With a few clicks on your smartphone, a driver can arrive at your location and take you to just about any local destination. However, not all Uber drivers are professionals. Most are regular people supplementing their incomes.

Whether at work, or innocently walking down the sidewalk,

we’re never promised tomorrow. Passing away from natural causes is expected; nobody lives forever. However, when another company or person’s willful negligence causes an individual to exit life early, survivors will be left asking more questions than there are competent answers to.

‘Should I hire a personal injury attorney?’

Absolutely. If you want to protect your rights and collect a maximum amount of funds in compensation for your injuries and damages, seeking the legal help of a Salt Lake City personal injury attorney is critical.

The biggest mistakes you can make after getting injured in any of the above-mentioned cases are (a) NOT call a personal injury lawyer, (b) negotiate with your insurance company prior to seeking a full evaluation of your injuries and damages, and (c) agree to any settlement offer from your insurer.

It’s imperative to understand that insurance companies are NOT your friends. It’s never advised to give recorded statements to insurance companies or even communicate with them without consulting with a personal injury lawyer first.

Why you should NOT talk to insurance companies

Insurance companies in Salt Lake City employ dishonest and unfair practices in order to not only minimize settlement amounts but also deny insurance payments altogether.

The last thing you would want is to deal with insurance companies that refuse to provide you with a fair settlement offer when you’re clearly entitled to payment in order to start recovering and spend those funds on:

  • Medical bills;
  • Treatment and medicine;
  • Trips to the hospital;
  • Rehabilitation and recovery expenses.

Get a free consultation from a personal injury attorney

Get a free consultation from our Salt Lake City personal injury attorney to evaluate the full value of your injuries and damages and get a personalized legal strategy to seek damages in your case.
After hiring one of our personal injury lawyers at Jardine Law Offices P.C., we will:

  • Assess your injuries and damages with the help of medical professionals and investigators;
  • Talk to witnesses;
  • Obtain a police report (if there’s any);
  • Take photos of the accident (if applicable);
  • Prepare a formal complaint;
  • Negotiate with insurance companies to get the maximum compensation;
  • File a lawsuit, if necessary, and represent you in court in your best interest.

Here at Jardine Law Offices P.C., our best personal injury lawyers in Salt Lake City are committed to work day and night to settle personal injury cases before they even go to court.

In fact, over 95{e5f0ef1a42106cc8b203833a9c3c2c30f408a85a022c8afb1558119fad706149} of our clients never need to go to court to get the compensation that they deserve. Let our attorneys walk you through the process of filing a personal injury claim and seeking damages for your injuries.

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