Salt Lake City, UT – Several Injured, One Hospitalized After Turbulence On Delta Flight From Orlando To Salt Lake City

Salt Lake City, UT (August 28, 2022) – Multiple people sustained injuries at Salt Lake City International Airport after their flight experienced extremely heavy turbulence during a flight on Friday, August 26th. 

The incident took place on Delta flight #394 which departed Orlando, FL. for Salt Lake City, UT. 

Witnesses reported that the sudden turbulence took flight attendants and passengers by surprise. Numerous passengers said that despite the turbulence, the seatbelt warning signs were not activated; people were up and moving about the cabin, and food and drinks were being served.  

Firefighters met passengers at the gate after landing. At least one passenger was hospitalized. Their current conditions are unknown. 

Our thoughts are with the injured victims and their families at this time. We hope for their full recovery.

Anyone who has been on a plane has probably experienced turbulence. Turbulence occurs when gales, gusts, high wind speeds, microbursts, and other air-based incidents can cause the plane to shake, and, in some cases, planes can even drop hundreds or thousands of feet through air pockets, causing serious shakes, bumps, and jolts to the craft. 

Turbulence can also impact a plane as it moves between areas with major temperature fluctuations caused by atmospheric pressure, jet streams, storms, and other naturally-occurring events. Although turbulence typically only lasts a few minutes, it is able to cause severe injuries to both crew members and passengers.  

It is not always possible for a pilot to avoid turbulence, however, passengers who are injured on a commercial airline due to turbulence might be eligible to file a suit against the airline. In order to prove negligence, injured passengers will have to prove that the airline was negligent. 

Two common scenarios that could indicate negligence involve seat belts and unsecured luggage.  

Flight crew and passengers who are not buckled up during turbulence are far more likely to be injured. Airlines are responsible for ensuring that all passengers are seated and buckled by turning on the lighted seat belt indicators when turbulence occurs or is expected to occur.  

Flight attendants are responsible for making sure that suitcases and other luggage are appropriately stored and that the overhead luggage bins are properly closed so they will not fall during turbulence. This applies to luggage that may be stored under a passenger’s seat as well. 

Truly disastrous aviation accidents are very rare. If a fatality occurred, our experienced and compassionate attorney would ensure that your surviving family members were given financial compensation for their losses as soon as possible. 

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