As Utah Traffic Returns To Normal, Will Crashes Increase?

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, most of the country has been under some sort of stay at home order. While the orders in Utah were not as stringent as they were in other parts of the country, our area still saw a significant reduction in traffic on the roadways. Now, as the economy begins to reopen, traffic is returning to near-normal levels across the state. Unfortunately, this would likely mean an increase in traffic accidents. Here, our Salt Lake City car accident attorneys want to discuss what traffic injuries and fatalities statistics may look like for the rest of the year.

Traffic is returning to normal in Utah

According to a report from the Salt Lake Tribune, Utah’s freeway traffic has returned to near-normal after coronavirus restrictions have eased. All over the US, states and major cities have reported that traffic volumes have been cut nearly in half during this ongoing health crisis. However, as the economy begins to reopen in many areas, most places around Utah are also returning to normal. According to Robert Wight, the operations director for the Utah Department of Transportation, just about every area except for Salt Lake City has seen normal traffic rates since early May.

Across the country, less traffic has also meant fewer traffic fatalities and traffic injuries. At the Jardine Law Offices P.C., we fully expect that the total number of crashes and fatalities this year across the state will be lower than in previous years overall due to the pandemic. But what about the rest of this year? 

Data from the latest reporting year from the Utah DOT shows that there were 260 total traffic fatalities and many thousands of injuries across the state. Will we return to these numbers?

“As a people, we are starting to see how this can be done. That’s encouraging for trends that we could look for in the future,” Robert Wight said. “Even a 10 reduction in traffic makes a big difference during peak hours.”

Maybe we will see overall less traffic as a result of this pandemic. However, as we do begin to open back up, we want to encourage drivers to be particularly aware of bicyclists and pedestrians who have become accustomed to having less crowded streets. These vulnerable roadway users are much more likely to sustain severe injuries in crashes than those inside traditional passenger vehicles. 

We will help you if you have been injured 

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