Wrongful Death: Mother Loses Child In Pond

Posted On Mar, 23, 2019 By jardinelawoffices

It is hard to imagine losing a child. If you have children I am sure the thought is terrifying and paralyzing. To lose a child means to not only lose a youth but to lost a bright future. Losing a child is traumatizing and can cause issues within the family and marriage. Grieving over a child can take on many forms including harmful forms. Once a parent loses a child they may experience shock, denial, anger, depression, hopelessness, guilt, isolation, and maybe a sense of acceptance. These feelings manifest in different ways that affect daily life. For example, a parent who is dealing with these deep feelings of sadness may stop eating or bathing, emotionally isolate themselves from their other children, erupt into fits of range, harm themselves, or refuse to accept the reality of the situation.

Imagine losing a child due to the negligent behavior of someone or some party? Imagine the rage and absolute disbelief that because of someone’s lack of action your child is now gone. This is exactly what happened to the Utah mother of a 17-year old son who wrongfully died while swimming in Otter Creek Reservoir in Piute County.

The Wrongful Death

The Otter Creek Reservoir is a pond that does not have any signs indicating that it is not safe to swim or to swim at your own risk. The pond is located near a state park where many people hike and would use this pond to refresh themselves. The pond, however, has a culver which draws water out of the pond, under the road, and then spits it out. Due to the sucking of the culvert, it creates somewhat of a whirlpool. This whirlpool was strong enough to suck the 17-year old boy down into the culvert. The report of Chase’s death stated that there were “extensive lifesaving efforts to try and keep Chase from being suck under; it wasn’t an immediate situation….” The boy was to have suffered “pre-morbid pain and suffering” while he was dying.

The mother is suing multiple entities who are responsible for the culvert including the town government and the Army Corp of Engineers. The wrongful death suit will hopefully prevent another death. Unfortunately, a year after the young man’s death there is still no signs showing danger or warning for swimming in the pond. Instead, there is a memorial of Chase’s death.

What To Do

A wrongful death suit will not bring back your loved one. It will, however, serve as a warning to others. It will warn those who are responsible to take more care and it will prevent any future deaths from happening.

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