Man Falls 40 Feet Down Elevator Shaft

Posted On Mar, 09, 2019 By jardinelawoffices

We have learned of a scary incident that happened at a construction site at Salt Lake City International Airport. A 50-year-old man who works for Big D and Holder Construction fell 40 feet down an elevator shaft last week. The man has died from his injuries.

As of this writing, the cause of the accident is not known and the Director of Communications and Marketing for the airport says that they are “re-doubling efforts to ensure a safe work environment on the job site.”

While we do not yet know what led to this accident occurring, we do know that construction companies in Utah are required to follow all federal and state safety precautions to prevent something like this from happening. We will keep an eye on this case.

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What Can Happen

There are many ways in which wrongful death cases arise and no two cases are the same. We advise you to seek out an experienced attorney to help you determine the best path forward for you and your family. Today, we will go over some of the common ways in which these cases arise, but this list is by no means complete.

  • Vehicle Accidents – In the state of Utah, 281 people lost their lives in vehicle accidents in the latest reporting year. This state just passed the toughest drunk driving limits in the country, but we still see far too many people killed due to drunk drivers. Distracted driving is also a major cause of concern.
  • Workplace Accidents – Like the instance above, incidents at work can become deadly. This is especially true for high-risk industries like construction. It is the responsibility of employers to provide the proper safety equipment and training for each employee.
  • Product Liability – There are many unsafe products on the market that have a design flaw, manufacturing mistakes, or are not properly labeled. These can lead to major consumer harm or death.
  • Medical Mistakes – Medical errors are the third leading cause of death in the United States. An estimated 250,000 people lose their lives each year due to medication mistakes, infections, surgical errors, misdiagnosis, and more.

What Happens Next?

If you are here today because you have lost a loved one due to another person’s negligence, let us extend our condolences. We know this is an incredibly hard time for you and your family. At the Jardine Law Offices P.C., we want to help you through this. If you need a Salt Lake City wrongful death attorney, we will investigate your case so we can secure the compensation you need. This can include:

  • Funeral and burial expenses
  • Pain and suffering damages
  • Loss of future income of the deceased
  • Punitive damages

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