Trampoline Park Regulation One Step Away From Reality

A Get Gephardt investigation into injuries sustained in Utah’s trampoline parks has had a positive outcome. A law requiring this formerly unregulated industry to operate under state standards is nearly in place following revelations during the investigation that showed the inherent danger these parks present to patron safety. The bill was sent to the governor’s desk for signing just last month.

The law, if signed, calls for the creation of a set of safety standards to which these parks must adhere. It will spell out what the parks should do and also what they should not do to minimize the risks that visitors face. Under the new law, parks will be inspected, and any injuries sustained must be reported.

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Dangerous Fun

While the supervised environment of a trampoline park makes them look like safe places for kids and families to gather, looks can be deceiving. The Get Gephardt investigation into these parks began when a host of Utah’s citizens came forward detailing their injuries. One such injured party is Mackenzi Bennion, age 24, who says she was attending a birthday party when she “landed on what, to her, looked like a trampoline. It wasn’t. It was a hard surface that did not budge,” reports KUTV. Bennion remembered not being able to breathe. As it turns out, her back was shattered by the impact, and she is now left facing a lifetime of pain as a result.

During the Get Gephardt investigation, undercover park attendees visited a total of four different parks, looking to evaluate the safety measures in place. At each park, warning signs of risks were posted, and there were employees monitoring the activities on the trampolines. Patrons were all required to watch a safety video and sign a waiver. The waivers were complex and lengthy, but each spelled out the same sort of message: if a patron becomes injured, they waive their right to sue.

Widespread Problem

The problem with trampoline park injuries is not limited to Utah. Back in 2010, there were only around 30 trampoline parks in existence across the country. And for that small number, the number of injured was quite significant. In 2010, there were 581 reported trampoline injuries among the 30 or so parks. Fast-forward to 2014, and the number of parks in existence tallied approximately 280—and the numbered of injured climbed to nearly 7,000. Although there are no hard and fast statistics for 2019, there are now more than 600 trampoline parks scattered across the U.S., so we can imagine that number is even greater now.

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