4 Things You Didn’T Know About Motorcycle Accidents That Will Drive Your Personal Injury Claim

It is pretty simple: if you get injured, you want to obtain compensation for your injuries and damages as soon as possible and then carry on with your normal life. Sadly, not all victims of motorcycle accidents in Salt Lake City and all across Utah are successful in their efforts to recover damages through a personal injury claim.

That is because most of these people either refuse to seek legal advice of a Salt Lake City motorcycle accident attorney or simply have no idea how federal and state laws regulate motorcycle and other motor vehicle accidents in their state, or both.

Here are the four things you didn’t know about motorcycle crashes, but knowing which can potentially increase the value of your personal injury claim and help you succeed in your efforts to recover compensation.

Nobody will do the post-accident work for you

Many people tend to believe that they cannot do anything at the scene of the motorcycle accident in order to increase their chances of legal success. They believe that police officers, lawyers or witnesses will do it all for them. Do not rely on other people.

Unless you have been so badly injured that you cannot move or even pull out your phone, these are the steps you need to take after a motorcycle accident in Layton, Farmington, Salt Lake City or elsewhere in Utah in order to obtain compensation later on:

  1. Call the police and paramedics;
  2. Do not refuse to seek medical attention and, if possible, go to the hospital to document your injuries;
  3. Take photos and videos at the scene of the accident focusing on the details that will help establish liability;
  4. Write down the other driver’s name, address, phone number, and insurance information; and
  5. Speak to the eyewitnesses, if any, and exchange contact information (if you do not, you will most likely not be able to find these people when you need them the most: during trial, when witness testimony is required to establish fault).

Do not call your insurer straight away

Many people believe that the sooner you inform your insurance company about a motorcycle or any other motor vehicle accident, the better. And while it is true that it is recommended to notify you insurer about the accident sooner rather than later, it is never advised to say anything to your insurance company without first consulting with an experienced motorcycle accident lawyer in Salt Lake City or elsewhere in Utah.

Insurance companies like to play mind games with their policyholders, and they will do whatever it takes to limit the value of your personal injury claim. Remember: insurers never truly represent or care about your best interests.

Did you know about Motorcycle Medical Payments Insurance?

You probably did not. One of the best things you can do if you own a motorcycle in Layton, Salt Lake City or other cities in Utah is get the Motorcycle Medical Payments Insurance, which covers your medical expenses related to motorcycle collisions even if you were at fault. Our best motorcycle accident attorneys in Utah warn, however, that this insurance policy does not cover the medical expenses of other people involve in the accident.

Yes, you are entitled to compensation even if you were at fault

Most people in Utah do not realize that they can actually recover damages after a motor vehicle accident even if they were at fault for the accident. Utah follows a 50 percent rule of the comparative negligence policy, which means if your fault for the accident is less than 50 percent, then you may still be able to recover your portion of the damages.

Never admit your fault at the scene of the accident or jump to any conclusions straight away, as this might ruin your chances of recovering compensation even if you were only partly at fault for the motorcycle crash. Instead, schedule a free consultation with a Salt Lake City motorcycle accident attorney from the Jardine Law Offices P.C., P.C. to establish liability in your case.

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