What Happens When Your Morning Routine Becomes Hectic?

When you start your day, all you’re focused on is your normal routine. Get the kids to school, go to work, go to the store, make dinner. Of course, all of our routines are different, but there is one thing we certainly don’t plan on – getting into a vehicle accident.

Unfortunately, accidents happen and many times they are not your fault. If you need a car accident attorney in Salt Lake City, the Jardine Law Office P.C. is ready to help. Our experienced attorneys will assist you every step of the way through what can be a confusing process.

Another Vehicle

Car crashes are unexpected and scary. The first thing to handle is any injury you or your passengers may incur. Getting appropriate medical treatment is vital. Even if there are no injuries, there will almost certainly be damage to your vehicle.

What is your next step?

Will your insurance cover injuries and damages?

If the accident wasn’t your fault, then you want to make sure you are covered. The other party’s insurance company will call you fairly soon after an accident, but we want you to know that you shouldn’t speak to them until you seek legal advice. If you’ve been injured because of the negligence of another driver, you may be due compensation beyond what insurance will cover. If the other driver was impaired or distracted, you shouldn’t suffer financially.

If you are hit by an uninsured motorist or involved in a hit and run, the situation can become even more difficult.

Commercial Trucks

Getting into a wreck is tough enough, but if you are in an accident with a commercial truck, the situation can be much worse. How many of these trucks do you see on a daily basis?

  • Tanker/Fuel Trucks
  • Mail Delivery Trucks
  • Cement/Construction Trucks
  • Vehicle Delivery Trucks
  • Dump Trucks

These types of vehicles perform valuable functions in our society. Usually operated by a company, they should be inspected and maintained regularly. Their drivers should be trained and focused.

If a commercial truck driver is impaired or driving while distracted, then they are putting you in danger on the roadway. Accidents involving these types of trucks can be catastrophic because they can involve so many other vehicles on the roadway.

What To Do

If you’ve been in an accident and aren’t sure what the next step is, the Jardine Law Office P.C. is ready to help you. Our experienced car accident attorneys in Salt Lake Cityknow the processes that take place after an accident. Whether you are hit by another car or a commercial truck, handling insurance claims can become tricky. If you are injured because of someone else’s negligence and have to miss work, the lost income can be devastating to you and your family. We want to help you get the compensation you deserve. The attorneys at the Jardine Law Office P.C. will patiently walk you through each step and help you gather the documents you need. You can contact us by clicking here or calling us at 801-350-3506.