Can A Fight End In Assault Charges?

Posted On Feb, 09, 2018 By jardinelawoffices

Fighting is just part of life, right? Ok, most of us really don’t like it, and it’s not much fun, but since you were fighting in the playground over who won a game of football, it’s been a standard way to solve disputes. Whether you call it a fight, a bar brawl, fisticuffs, or defending your honor the old-fashioned way, the truth is that a fight could actually result in an assault charge. You might not think that pushing someone for insulting your partner is a serious offense, but the lawmakers of Farmington see it differently.

How a Good Deed Becomes an Assault Charge?

In a bar in Salt Lake City last week, Todd Snyder claims to have come to the aid of a woman in danger of sexual assault, only to have been badly beaten for his efforts. A bar brawl broke out at the Jackalope Lounge at 372 S. State St. when Snyder confronted a group of men he believed was harassing a female customer. Snyder ended up in hospital after the fight, and police have since confirmed that no sexual assault had actually taken place, nor did the woman feel she was in danger. As none of the group denies having become involved in a fight, police are now trying to identify whether an assault charge is appropriate.

While incidents such as Snyder’s shouldn’t put you off being a good citizen when the need arises, that’s not the only common scenario that could see you facing a charge of assault and battery. As top Farmington assault attorney Joseph Jardine knows all too well, seemingly normal situations can easily get out of hand, leading to a lawsuit. Some of the assault charges Jardine has worked with include:

  • Drivers of vehicles involved in a car accident arguing with each other at scene, eventually escalating into a physical fight
  • Pushing at a bar after a sports game leading to a punch being thrown and a brawl breaking out
  • A man throwing a punch at another, who had been unwelcomely advancing on his girlfriend at a bar
  • Teenagers fighting at school, resulting in one facing assault charges

No matter what situation you find yourself in, the best advice is not to engage, and simply walk away from the fight, but we all know life doesn’t always work that way. The next best advice is to choose a top Farmington assault attorney if the worst does come to the worst.

How a Farmington Assault Attorney Can Help?

If you’ve found yourself facing an assault charge, the assault and battery attorneys at Farmington’s Jardine Law Offices P.C. could provide you with an excellent defense. Our track record of success and extensive experience of defending assault charges could make a significant difference to the outcome of your case.

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