What Happens If I Get Into An Accident While In A Lyft?

Gone are the days where you have to stand on the side of the street and hail down a cab. Gone are the days where you had to call those super easy one or two digit phone numbers to get you a cab. Gone are the days when you had to try and memorize those numbers so that when you were drunk and needed one they would be easy to remember. Gone are those taxi cabs with gates between the front and back seat. It was the norm that you got into the back because the front seat was off limits. Gone are the days when you didn’t know who your driver was before getting into the cab.

Technology has revamped the taxicab industry. Companies like Lyft have challenged social norms when it comes to taxi cabs. Now with the ease of an app you just have to type in your destination and wait for someone to respond. The response times are very short and then you wait for them to drive to your destination. You even get to see on a map where your Lyft driver is in relation to your pick up spot. If you have never used the Lyft app to “hail” a cab you may be pleasantly surprised the features included. For example, you get a full facial picture of who your drive is, the make and model of their car, and star ratings. You have the option to cancel a Lyft drive if you are not satisfied with your driver. You can also rate your driver once your ride is over. This helps to keep a feedback loop going to ensure that riders are happy with their riders and keeps riders motivated to make good choices while driving. But at the end of the day, just like a taxi cab, you are entering a car with a strange driver. Furthermore, Lyft does not use complex background checks when they hire drivers. The hiring process is simple and allows for lots of people to have this job. This is good if you are looking to make a quick dollar, but that doesn’t leave much for shifting people with bad intentions or seeing if drivers are really safe drivers.

Accidents happen to anyone and that includes your Lyft driver. Just because you are only going a short distance does not bar you from getting into an accident. Lyft drivers are no exception and if you are in an accident while in a Lyft then you need an attorney to ensure that you are getting the compensation necessary to help you recover from an injury. Our Salt Lake City Lyft Accident Attorney at Jardine Law Offices P.C. know the complexities of Lyft insurance claims and the documents needed for a successful claim. Don’t be fooled when the insurance company says they will look out for you. Let us do the fighting while you do the healing. Call 801-350-3506 or click here to start your free case evaluation today.