Car Accidents: Physical And/Or Mental Injuries Count

Utah is known for being the happiest state in the United States. This is attributed to its boosting economy and having a population that volunteers the most. Doing more for others is always a sure fire way to feeling good about yourself. So, why is there an increase in aggressive driving?

Unfortunately, there is no answer that question. There is no real reason why people are becoming more agitated while driving. The rules of the road have not drastically changed. People have been told repeatedly to not drive while in an emotional state, while under the influence of drugs or alcohol, or while you are tired and drowsy. Whether you are a new driver or well seasoned, these warnings still go unheard. Thankfully our cars, trucks, and SUVs are getting safer and protecting our drivers and passengers more so than ever. But what if you do get into a car accident? What if you get into a car accident but you aren’t physically hurt? Your car is covered by insurance? Can you still sue someone for injury when you aren’t physically injured? Our Car Accident Attorneys at Jardine Law Offices P.C. are here to help with your claim.

Mental injury is just as traumatic as physical injury. For example, during the 100 Deadliest Days of summer, a young couple experienced a horrific accident in which they were hit from the front and the back, and then they rolled several times while in their car on the highway. The young woman and man remember the whole crash as they rolled with the seat belts protecting them from rolling along with the car. If it weren’t’ for the seat belts their story would have a very different ending. Once the car stopped and they felt safe, they left out the back window which was now just a gaping hole. Even though they left the accident without any real physical injuries, the mental anguish is very real and very persistent.

The young woman in the accident confessed to having trouble sleeping or getting into vehicles. This kind of trauma does not leave you without some kind of professional help. If you are scared to drive or be driven then how are you to live a normal functional life? How are you supposed to get to work every day? If the anxiety or mental issues are debilitating enough then you may have to go on disability or you may lose wages from not showing up t to work.

If you have experienced a car accident with minimal physical damage, but interrupting mental injury then call 801-350-3506 or click here to let our expert Car Accident Attorneys at Jardine Law Offices P.C. help create your claim. You have the right to just compensation for not only you physical injuries but also your mental injuries as well. Don’t let your life slip by because of mental trauma. Our Car Accident Attorneys are waiting to work for you to get you back to health.