The Rise Of Trampoline Accidents Have Concerned Many Parents

Trampolines are pretty popular. You’ve either broughten one for your kids or maybe you’ve had one as a kid yourself. It can be a fun experience and good exercise. It will definitely tire you out. As with anything, there is still a chance for injury to occur. ER visits for injuries resulting from trampolines have definitely increased over the years. This may be accounted for because of the increase in trampoline parks. Trampoline parks can be more dangerous for children than the one in your backyard. There are usually more people in the area and these trampolines can take you to greater heights than your regular backyard trampoline. It’s essential to know how you can ensure the safety of your children with their trampoline jumping. It’s also essential to know the dangers that trampoline parks have for children.

How to Ensure Safety

To insure your children’s safety when they’re jumping on trampolines, you need to make sure they have adult supervision at all times. For your at-home trampoline, make sure that you have protective netting in order to prevent injuries from falling. Do not allow children who are younger than 6 to use trampolines. They are at a higher risk of getting an injury. For your at-home trampoline, make sure that the protective padding and safety equipment are in good condition. Make sure you investigate this at the facility as well before letting you children jump on it. If you find that the padding and safety equipment is not in good condition, then make sure you report it to the facility.

Dangers at Trampoline Parks

As mentioned previously, trampoline parks tend to be more dangerous for your children than your traditional backyard trampoline. There was an extreme and tragic case last year in Florida involving a 3 year old. The 3 year old got injured on the trampoline and had to wear a cast from the waist down. The child had broke their thigh bone while at a trampoline park that promoted toddler use. This has caused a lot of controversy on the age that a child should be allowed to jump on a trampoline. The American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons says that children under the age of 6 should not be allowed to jump on trampolines, as mentioned previously. It’s a fact that children are more likely to get injured in trampoline accidents than adults. The typical age for an ER visit for a trampoline injury is 13. People have recommended that standard safety precautions be required for all facilities so that injures like this can be prevented in the future.

Children love the appeal of jumping on a trampoline. It’s a fun activity and trampoline parks have become increasingly popular.. Many people even have birthday parties at these establishments. As a parent, your main concern is safety. The increase in trampoline accidents is alarming. If your child has been injured in a trampoline accident it can be extremely tragic. You trusted that the facility would keep your child safe and they have failed to do so. You need to make sure that you report the accident to management. Make sure you take pictures and get information about the staff members and witnesses to the accident. Your child shouldn’t have to suffer. They deserve justice. You want someone who is an expert on trampoline accidents and knows how to handle them. The Jardine Law Offices P.C. want to fight for your child’s injury and help you get them compensation you deserve. Schedule a free consultation today using this contact form or call them at 801-350-3506.