Harvey Weinstein’S Criminal Defense Team Denies Sexual Assault Charges Are Imminent

Few men in Hollywood command more power than Harvey Weinstein. The movie producer had the reputation for making and breaking careers. But now Weinstein’s career and future are hanging in the balance. Several women, including actresses Naomi Judd and Rose McGowan, have come forward with allegations of sexual assault and rape. Although the growing number of accusers has been well documented, Weinstein’s team of criminal defense attorneys maintain the Hollywood mogul will not be indicted anytime soon.

“No Criminal Charges Warranted”

Weinstein is currently facing investigation of numerous sexual misconduct cases. A spokesperson for the producer announced a presentation by his legal team will be made on his behalf during the investigation. As of now, the Manhattan district attorney’s office will begin presenting evidence to a grand jury in the next few weeks. Weinstein continues to stand firm on denying any of the allegations.

The Weinstein case has grabbed headlines for much of the past few months and has drawn comparisons to the Bill Cosby case. Over the past 30 days, several women have come forward accusing the Hollywood mogul of sexual assault, sexual harassment, and rape. At least 14 women have already filed sexual assault suits with authorities in London, Los Angeles, New York and Beverly Hills. Among the most notable was from “Boardwalk Empire” actress Paz de la Huerta, who claimed Weinstein raped her in 2010. Manhattan district attorney Cyrus R. Vance is already working on the case. A high ranking member of the New York City Police Department has told reporters de la Huerta’s accusations are credible and partly corroborate with evidence that has been presented to law enforcement.

The Challenge of Defending Public Figures of Rape and Sexual Assault

Weinstein’s criminal defense team will have a challenge. But they are not alone. Actor Kevin Spacey and Alabama senator Roy Moore are also under fire for similar allegations. Perhaps the biggest challenge is winning the court of public opinion. While much of the focus is placed on the alleged victims, the accused are entitled to a fair investigation and trial. It will be up to Weinstein’s legal team to discredit the allegation placed against him.

But celebrities are hardly unique. Just one accusation of a sex crime, such as rape or sexual assault can destroy a person’s career and ultimately their freedom. But the accused also have rights. Having an experienced and knowledgeable criminal defense attorney on your side can often make the difference resolving your legal problems or spending significant time behind bars.

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