Arrested During The Holidays? Here’S What To Do To Get Out ASAP (And Spend Christmas With Family)

Nobody wants to end up behind bars during the holidays. But here’s the thing: you never know how Christmas or New Year’s Eve is going play out for you.

After all, the holiday season bustles with DUI arrests like no other time of year. But how do you handle an arrest during the holidays?

Fact: more than 2,000 DUI arrests are carried out between mid-December and early January across the U.S. every year.

Being away from your loved ones – right when you’re supposed to be enjoying delicious food and fun chit chats with your family members – is not easy. Also, jails are very terrifying and not exactly the most fun place to spend the holidays…

Not to mention that the holiday season is a tricky time to contact your family and friends to let them know that you’re in jail — everyone is so busy with the holiday preparations and celebrations.

Our Farmington criminal defense attorneys here at Jardine Law Offices P.C. have prepared a handy guide for you to minimize damage from an arrest during the holidays and even avoid jail altogether (without having to spoil your family’s holiday mood in the process).

What it really means to be arrested during the holidays

Let’s start with understanding what it truly means to be arrested during the holidays. Under federal and state laws in Salt Lake City, a person in custody can spend up to three business days before the first appearance in front of a judge.

Meaning: if you get arrested on Christmas or New Year’s Eve, you might have to wait until the next Monday or Tuesday to be taken to court.

You’d spend the holidays in jail for up to three business days in addition to several more days that you would need for your multiple appearances in front of a judge. That’s a long time – enough to make your family members worried if you don’t call them on Christmas.

Luckily for you, you’re permitted to call you’re criminal defense attorney while in jail. Contacting Jardine Law Offices P.C. is your best line of defense to avoid jail time and be released as soon as possible (just in time to spend the holidays with your family!).

What to do if you get arrested

Use your call wisely. By contacting our Salt Lake City offices, you get a free initial consultation and the outstanding legal representation from a reputable Utah-based law firm with an unparalleled track record of success in litigating criminal defense cases.

When getting in touch with our criminal defense lawyer, remain calm and try your best at explaining your situation in detail. Gather as much information about your arrest as possible, and our attorneys will take it from there.

Arranging bail bonds and getting you out of jail in a timely manner is not as complicated as you may think. Jails are a terrifying place to be held in, which is why our attorneys’ first priority is to get you out as soon as possible with minimal expenses.

High risk of getting arrested during holidays

The likelihood of getting arrested during the holidays skyrockets due to several factors. Our Salt Lake City criminal defense attorneys outline the main factors:

  • increased alcohol consumption due to Christmas celebrations and long weekends;
  • more DUI police patrols on the streets to detect alcohol-impaired drivers;
  • higher risk of domestic violence due to hectic family schedules, conflicts and disagreements within families, etc.;
  • increased risk of theft (many stores are closed for the holidays, attracting more theft; more people are desperate to get Christmas gifts for their families whatever it takes);
  • false arrests by overly-suspicious police officers.

And many other factors.

The problem with getting arrested during the holidays is that you’re at a higher risk of an extended stay in jail. Consult our best criminal defense attorneys in Salt Lake City to find out your best course of action and get out of jail ASAP.

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