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Bountiful Taxi Cab Accident Lawyer

Hailing a cab seems like a safe enough endeavor, but once you get in that cab, you are subject to the same dangers you’d experience if you were driving yourself. Taxicab accidents are not unusual; cab drivers are subject to the same driving conditions and perils as any other drivers. However, when you are an occupant in a cab, you can hold the driver, the cab company, or even other drivers on the road accountable if you are involved in an accident and they are at fault. In some instances, accidents are not the result of the actions of any driver, but are instead the result of the condition of the road itself—and when this happens, the entity tasked with maintaining the road may be held accountable. If you have been injured as a passenger in a cab, then you need to contact our taxi cab accident attorney right away to discuss your injuries and weigh your legal options.

Liability in Taxi Cab Accidents

It can be a difficult determining liability in a taxi cab accident, as multiple parties might be to blame. Since taxi cabs are commercial vehicles, your attorney will have to immediately conduct a thorough investigation of the accident to determine liability.  An immediate investigation is required so no evidence will be lost.

Depending on the circumstances of your taxi cab accident, liability may fall to:

  • The taxi cab driver, if they were negligent or reckless behind the wheel
  • The taxi cab company, if lack of vehicle maintenance is to blame
  • Another driver, if they were responsible for the wreck
  • The entity responsible for maintaining roads, if road disrepair caused the accident
  • A third-party company, such as a construction or road maintenance company, if debris left in the road or falling construction equipment caused the accident

Collecting Damages in Your Case

If you’ve been injured as the result of a collision with a taxi cab, or as a passenger riding in a taxi cab, you are most likely entitled to compensation. A personal injury attorney who is well versed in commercial vehicle accidents can assist you in quickly filing your claim and will fight on your behalf so you can focus on recovering from your injuries. In Utah, you have four years to bring your personal injury claim to court. While this is a bit more time than some other states, you’ll want to act fast to avoid the loss of evidence or risk the taxi cab company going out of business before then.

Let’s Discuss Your Case

You are not alone as you navigate the complex civil court system. Our Bountiful taxi cab accident attorney can help. We have helped thousands of accident victims just like you collect the compensation due to them so that they can get on with their lives and put the matter behind them. Set up your no-cost case consultation now to determine the best way to move forward with your taxi cab accident claim.