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Salt Lake City Snowmobile Accident Attorney

Offering plenty of mountainous terrain and breathtaking hills, Utah is a haven for snowmobile riders. Each year, you’ll see snowmachine operators driving from surrounding states, even across the country, to enjoy the numerous snowmobile routes geographically positioned across this beautiful state.

As with any off-road vehicle, accidents are bound to happen. And they do, and startling numbers. At any given time, can scan the news and find snowmobile accidents or tragic deaths. Taking safety courses may help, but they cannot stop the negligent actions of others.

The Jardine Law Offices litigates against snowmobile riders were negligent to the point of causing injury to other snowmobile riders, pedestrians, even personal property such as houses or sheds. Our Salt Lake City snowmobile accidents attorney has extensive knowledge of snowmobile types, has taken owners of these off-road vehicles to court and held them responsible for personal injuries and property damage

Snowmobile Claims Are More Common Than You Think

The NCBI estimates 14,000 and injuries, and roughly 200 deaths, occur each year across the nation. Initially designed to bring supplies to desolate areas, snowmobiles have long been adopted as a recreational toy. Multi-system trauma, including massive neck and head injuries, can happen when an inexperienced or intoxicated snowmobile operator hits another.

Individuals renting snowmobiles for daily use pay for liability insurance as part of their rental fee. So, if an unforeseen snowmobile accident should occur, the equipment would be covered along with any liabilities such as injuries to other parties. However, personal snowmobile owners may not carry proper insurance, which means any accidental occurrences or deaths that occur when operating off-road equipment would hold the owner personally liable.

Our Salt Lake City snowmobile accidents attorney knows the seriousness of snowmobile accidents, and will look at all evidence including medical evaluations to determine the best course of action to take. Will revisit the scene, if necessary, to determine fault. If the snowmobile owner has an insurance policy, will discuss settlement options with their insurer or prepare your case for litigation.

Because the minimum age to operate snow equipment in Utah is eight years old, cases where snowmobile riders are personally liable to get tricky because underage riders cannot possibly afford large settlements due to their negligence. In cases like this, we’d have to hold the parents personally liable, or at least bring a settlement offer to their insurer.

Let’s Discuss Your Snowmobile Accident

Whether you’re a driver or passenger of the snowmobile, you have options if you been personally injured. The Jardine Law Offices will again all facts surrounding your case, including whether you’ve rented or outright own your equipment, to determine what your case may be worth. You may be entitled to medical reimbursement, replacement or repair of snowmobile if wrecked beyond use, and financial compensation if you’re employed and are expected to miss work.

A competent Salt Lake City snowmobile accidents attorney with knowledge of Utah snowmobile laws, potential penalties and regulations is available to look at your case without cost or obligation.