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Salt Lake City Slip And Fall Accident Attorney

Whether you’re on privately controlled, or commercially owned property, you have the right to exist without fear of being injured. Simple things like walking downstairs, playing by a pool or living in an apartment shouldn’t have hazards attached to them, but it’s unfortunate that many premises do.

The National Floor Safety Institute compiles data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics and other resources to help combat premises negligence. Roughly 800,000 people are hospitalized annually across the nation accidents related to slips and falls, many which are preventable with simple measures, according to NFSI data.

The Jardine Law Offices, who are experts at litigating slip and fall incidents, provide expert advocacy and skilled litigation courtesy of a Salt Lake City slip and fall attorney with over 100 trials under his belt.

Types of Slips and Falls

Unexpected accidents may happen wherever there’s a flat or sloped surface. Even exercising extreme caution may not prevent an accidental fall down the stairs, or loss of balance on flat surfaces resulting in a head injury. Our office commonly finds slip and fall claims stem from negligence at the following premises:

  • Hotels. Maintenance may not catch all problems within a hotel, which may cause innocent guests to fall down flights of stairs or injure themselves on pool ladders or diving boards.
  • Apartments. Landlords must provide stairs and living quarters safe enough to withstand constant traffic, although some cut corners and ‘patch’ problems instead of rebuilding them properly.
  • Restaurants. Notorious for failing to put out wet floor signs, restaurants are historically lax where safety is concerned.
  • Work. Whether the most common areas our Salt Lake City slip and fall attorney practices involves slips and falls at work, many which can be prevented if maintenance or others responsible for floor care would just put out signage.
  • Churches. The number of slip and fall injuries that lead to death resulting from poor church stairs is appalling, and we’ve had cases where we’ve successfully litigated against places of worship.

The Centers for Disease Control estimated 25,000 fall deaths occurred 2013 alone, many of these victims being older adults. 16% of all fall claims happened at work, a telltale sign that employers put little effort into floor and stair safety.

If You Slip and Fall, Give Jardine A Call!

Premises owners must comply with state and federal safety regulations to assure patrons, or renters, are kept safe when traversing their property. Because there are certain rules our attorneys must follow, proving cases qualify for compensation is no small order, so litigants who may choose to fight negligent property owners may find winning their case equally challenging and unfulfilling.

The Jardine Law Offices encourages those who’ve endured slip and fall injuries to seek medical attention, while also capturing photos (if possible) of the accident scene. The more evidence we can present in court, the more substantial our chances of victory become.

Contact our Salt Lake City slip and fall attorney today for a no-cost slip and fall accident evaluation. Remember, when you’re injured from a slip and fall, give Jardine a call!