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Salt Lake City Slip And Fall Attorney

Whether you’re on privately controlled, or commercially owned property, you have the right to exist without fear of being injured. Simple things like walking downstairs, playing by a pool, or living in an apartment shouldn’t have hazards attached to them, but it’s unfortunate that many premises do.

The National Floor Safety Institute compiles data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics and other resources to help combat premises negligence. Roughly 800,000 people are hospitalized annually across the nation accidents related to slips and falls, many of which are preventable with simple measures, according to NFSI data.

The Jardine Law Offices P.C., who are experts at litigating slip and fall incidents, provide expert advocacy and skilled litigation courtesy of a Salt Lake City slip and fall attorney with over 100 trials under his belt.

Have you been injured in a slip-and-fall accident in the state of Utah? Call Jardine Law Offices today to help you file a claim.

It is an unfortunate truth that even an average activity as simple as walking around a grocery store can turn disastrous for both shoppers and employees in a moment’s notice. Sometimes, store owners leave a dangerous situation such as spilled liquid on the floor, a blown light bulb, or a broken handrail, without any consideration for others. These hazards, among many others, can cause a serious slip and fall accident which can lead to minor or even devastating injuries. 

In many cases, it doesn’t take much effort at all to quickly get up and pretend like nothing happened. Many of us do this, especially if there are other people in the same area. Adrenaline will eventually wear off, however, and oftentimes the injuries that weren’t apparent at first can end up a lot more serious than you initially assumed.

Our Utah slip and fall injury attorneys at Jardine Law Offices understand the added stress and financial anguish of being injured in a slip and fall accident, and we are passionate about justice. We will fight by your side and ensure the best possible outcome for your unique situation. Schedule your completely confidential consultation with one of our knowledgeable Salt Lake City personal injury attorneys at your earliest convenience.

Common Slip And Fall Injuries in Utah

Slipping and falling anywhere can be extremely serious, even deadly depending on how the fall occurred. Injuries sustained from a slip and fall accident can range from minor cuts and bruises to something as severe as a broken bone, joint dislocation, or head injury. More serious injuries can quickly lead to extensive time off work in order to fully recover. Some of the most common slip and fall injuries include but are not limited to:

  • Cuts and lacerations- Depending on the surface you fall on, you can get minor cuts or deep lacerations, which can take a few days or a few weeks to heal. Debris from broken bottles, concrete, or water can make any surface slippery.
    • Broken bones- Broken bones are extremely painful and can take weeks to months in order to heal fully. Depending on the severity of the break, it could need surgery to fix. Surgery to repair a broken bone can come with it’s own difficulties and setbacks.
  • Bruising- Falling on a floor, sidewalk, or hitting an extremely hard surface while falling can cause bruises on your body. Some bruises may heal shortly but at times, bruising can go all the way down to the muscles. Some bruises can look severe in color, but some may be the precursor to much more serious injuries. Seeking medical attention can make all the difference
  • Dislocation- When a joint is forced out of location, it can immobilize the joint and cause excruciating pain. Seek medical attention immediately to relocate your joint. Time for recovery for a dislocated joint may be prescribed as well.
    • Concussion- A mild traumatic brain injury caused by a jolt or blow to the head. Concussions are the most common traumatic brain injuries, but they can also be deadly if left untreated.
  • Spinal Cord Injuries- If you land on your back, it could cause damage to your spinal cord. Spinal cord injuries can be serious and lead to paralysis, which leaves sufferers unable to feel sensation or move any part of the body below the injury site.

If you or someone you love have been seriously injured in a slip and fall accident in Salt Lake City, you’re going to need the help of a dedicated slip and fall injury attorney. The team at Jardine Law Offices will be happy to answer any questions you may have about your unique situation and help you get your claim started. We offer online consultations for our clients who wish to meet virtually versus in person. Call us today for your free, no-obligation, and confidential consultation.

Who can be Held Responsible for My Injuries?

Slip and fall injuries, along with dog bites and property negligence, fall under premises liability in Salt Lake City. Private property and business owners have a duty to make sure that the property is properly maintained. In the case of slip and fall injuries and other premises liability cases, the property owner or manager will be held liable for the victim’s injuries and will have to pay for damages. However, if the injuries were to occur on city or municipal property, it could get a little tricky. We recommend that you hire a slip and fall injury attorney right away to help you determine if you are eligible to file a claim against the city.

Our committed team of Utah slip and fall injury attorneys at Jardine Law Offices will protect your rights as a victim and make sure that those who are responsible for your accident are held accountable. With decades of combined legal experience, you can count on us to be able to maximize the amount of compensation that you deserve. Call Jardine offices today for a consultation with one of our slip and fall injury attorneys at no cost to you. We also offer virtual consultations for our clients who wish to meet online versus in person.

Utah’s Statute of Limitations

In the United States, there is a specific time limit in which all claims must be filed. That time limit is called a statute of limitations. Every state in the country has its own approach within that Federal limit. In the state of Utah, the statute of limitations is 4 years after the accident. So the sooner you get a slip and fall injury attorney on your side, the better off you will be. Personal investigations and collecting evidence can take time. If you miss out on that 4-year limit, then you may lose your right to demand compensation for your injuries.

If you or someone you love has been seriously injured in a slip and fall accident in Salt Lake City, call Jardine Law Offices today. We have the legal knowledge necessary to take on your case and make sure that your claim is filed on time. Call us today for a free, no-obligation, and completely confidential consultation with one of our committed slip and fall injury attorneys, or you can schedule a consultation online at your earliest convenience.

What is Comparative Negligence in Utah and How does it Work?

Each state has its own approach when it comes to dealing with negligence in any personal injury case. In Utah, we have what is called comparative negligence. What this means is that if any part of your accident was your fault, you will only receive compensation for the portion that you’re not at-fault for. However, your portion of the fault must not be equal to or more than the portion of the defendant’s, or you will not be able to collect any compensation at all. For example, if you were suing your local grocery store owner for $2000  because you fell on a slippery floor and you were found 10% at-fault for the accident because you didn’t wear appropriate footwear, you will receive $1800 instead of the full $2000.

The amount of compensation you collect as a result of your injuries depends on certain circumstances that can be difficult to process during the moments after an accident. Let our team of slip and fall attorneys at Jardine Law Offices go over your case for you while you focus on recovery. We will fight by your side throughout the whole process and protect your rights as a victim to ensure that you receive the maximum amount of compensation you deserve. Call Jardine Law Offices today for a consultation with one of our compassionate attorneys at no cost to you.

What Kind of Damages Can I Collect?

Every personal injury case is different, and that includes slip and fall accidents. Your slip and fall accident attorney’s goal is to restore your financial situation to where it was before your accident and ensure that you get the best possible outcome for your case. Some of the damages that you can collect may include:

  • Medical Expenses- Getting injured is expensive. There are emergency room fees, x-rays, possible lab work, and other expenses from the time of your accident up to the court date. Damages collected for medical expenses will help cover these expenses.
  • Lost Wages- Some injuries may only take days to heal, while other, more serious injuries, can take months to years. Unfortunately, this means time off of work. Lost wages damages will compensate you for the amount you would have earned if you were still able to work.
  • Future Medical Expenses- After the court date, you may still need to go to physical therapy, need surgery, and other doctor’s appointments. Future medical expenses damages are calculated in order to help cover these future appointments.
  • Pain And Suffering- Being injured in a slip and fall accident can leave you mentally scarred. Pain and suffering damages help put a monetary value to the physical and emotional pain and suffering that you endure during your recovery process.
  • Loss Of Companionship- Sometimes, even relationships with family members can suffer due to your injuries. Loss of companionship can be sought when this sort of thing happens. When the loss of companionship is with a spouse, loss of consortium damages is another option.

No matter what your situation is, you can always count on our team of Salt lake City slip and fall attorneys at Jardine Law Offices to help. We will carefully go over all of the details of your case to safeguard your rights and work to obtain the compensation you deserve. You can schedule an online consultation with one of our attorneys if you don’t wish for a consultation in person. Call Jardine Law Offices today, and we will help you get your claim started.

What Your Salt Lake City Slip and Fall Attorney can do for You

At Jardine Law Offices, we take every case to heart to ensure that our clients receive the maximum amount of compensation that they deserve. We use all the necessary resources at our disposal in order to guarantee that we state your case accurately. When we take on your slip and fall case, we will:

  • Investigate The Accident- Your accident is as unique as you are, so your financial needs may likely be different from the last case. We will thoroughly investigate your specific situation and collect as much evidence as possible, first and foremost.
  • Build Your Case- Building your slip and fall injury claim is one of the longest steps in the entire process. We will wait until you have finished recovering from your accident before we gather all of the medical records of your injuries.
  • Negotiations- We will send a compensation demand to the at-fault party’s insurance. Then, negotiations will begin. This does not mean a guarantee of compensation, but just that we will sit down and discuss the case details. The insurance company can dispute the claim, which is when we will take it to the courts to litigate your case. 
  • Litigate If Necessary- If negotiations with the insurance company are unsuccessful, we will take on the at-fault party’s insurance company on your behalf and will take your case to court if we need to. If this were to happen, we ask that you please be prepared to testify.

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If you or someone you love has been injured in a slip and fall accident in Salt Lake City, Farmington, Bountiful, Layton, or anywhere else in the state of Utah, the attorneys at Jardine Law Offices are here to help. We have decades of personal injury law experience and will ensure the best possible outcome for your slip and fall injury lawsuit. Call us today to discuss the specifics surrounding your injury accident to find out if you can file a personal injury lawsuit for your injuries and losses. 

No matter the circumstances for your slip and fall injury case, you can always count on our compassionate and aggressive team of Salt Lake City personal injury attorneys at Jardine Law offices. We will stand by your side and fight for your rights as a victim. We take the time to thoroughly investigate each individual case in order to maximize the amount of compensation that our clients deserve. Call us today at (801)-350-3506 for a consultation at no cost to you with one of our dedicated personal injury attorneys.