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Salt Lake City Motorcycle Accident Attorney

2016 was particularly unkind to motorcycle riders, with 42 deaths being reported across Utah highways and interstates. That’s six more fatalities than 2015, and 15% of Utah’s total fatality total for the year. Motorcycle riders flock to our magnificent state to enjoy the alluring views they can enjoy while barreling down the highway.

When you’ve been injured by another vehicle’s distracted or intoxicated driver, consequences are far more serious for motorcycle riders. The Jardine Law Offices P.C. has trial-tested Salt Lake City motorcycle accident attorneys ready to handle every aspect of your case.

Motorcycle Wrecks Hurt Worse. We Know.

Injuries sustained by another vehicle’s disregard for traffic laws are far more serious than accidents where drivers of vehicles are injured. There’s nothing surrounding two-wheeled bikes but air; protective gear does help lessen blunt force trauma to head and neck areas, but high-speed incidents can disintegrate helmets.

We find the greater portion of accidents occurs when:

  • Motorcycles are manufactured with flaws quality control failed to catch, such as loose forks or unstable frames.
  • Taunting or harassing motorcyclists happens.
  • Cars or trucks follow motorcycles too closely, resulting in ‘bumping’ which can be hard for riders to correct. This causes bikes to ‘wobble’, then violently slam on their side.
  • Failure to yield. This one is probably the largest culprit of preventable accidents.
  • Drivers failed to see motorcycles in their blind spot, which meant they cut over too soon when passing.
  • Intoxicated drivers simply cannot see motorcyclists, hitting them without knowing what transpired until they’ve sobered up.

Riders can sustain anything from ‘road rash’, to death, with many cases involving broken bones or brain damage. The Jardine Law Offices P.C. takes every case seriously, dissecting, and recreating all accidents to better understand where common sense failed the negligent driver.

While it’s easy to attack motorcyclist’s skill level, we’ve litigated many cases where experienced riders suffered the gravest injuries.

We’re Salt Lake City Motorcycle Accidents Attorneys Who Care

We’re not afraid of hunting down witnesses, scouring over hours of medical files with an outside professional’s assistance, and taking at-fault parties to court. In cases where motorcycle riders were killed, we can file a wrongful death action to recover present and future income lost so loved ones can survive while seeking closure.

Because many insurers are too embarrassed to admit fault, many motorcycle accident cases are settled outside of court. With that said, insurers are privy to an attorney’s skill, meaning their counsel will know our level of skill, seriousness, and negotiation tactics. Defendants who know we’re playing hardball often settle the highest, simply because courts cost money.

Accidents are life-changing. Your choice of attorney may affect the outcome, so we urge you to rely on the skills our Salt Lake City motorcycle accident attorneys have compiled over the years. Courtroom experience, too, is an important component of our accident litigation.

Our consultation is free, and in the case of personal injuries, we charge nothing to fight your case. If we’re unsuccessful in settling or winning your case, you owe us nothing.