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Salt Lake City Lyft Accident Attorney

The ridesharing craze reaches new heights weekly as the next generation of tech allows people, regardless of where in America they live, to receive taxicab service in areas traditional cabs aren’t available. This expanded reach is great – until an awful car accident turns a stellar experience into something less desirable.

The Jardine Law Offices P.C., the Lyft accident attorney Salt Lake City victims use frequently when ridesharing goes awry, provides perfectly executed litigation of accidents involving rideshare drivers. Passengers of Lyft, or drivers of another vehicle, may be entitled to substantial compensation for the avoidable accidents Lyft drivers cause.

All Negligent Parties are Equal in Responsibility

Technology may have changed how riders hail cabs, but it cannot autocorrect human error. That element has and always will be present in accidents where negligence is proven. Distractions, intoxication, or erratic vehicle operation lead to serious or fatal accidents, many of which should’ve been avoided with extra caution. But weren’t.

Lyft is no different than Yellow cab or whatever service you’re accustomed to using. Sure, they don’t commission their own cars, but the mobile-based app does empower independent contractors to use their cars ‘for hire’. Once an approved driver picks up passengers, they’re equally culpable for whatever happens from Point A to Point B.

The San Francisco-based on-demand transportation giant puts $1 million maximum in liability coverage into motion, with exact coverages based on driver status. So, when the driver is:

  • Sitting with the app off, doing nothing, their personal insurance policy takes precedence.
  • Sitting with the app in ‘driver mode’, but idle waiting for someone to hire them, a ‘contingent’ liability policy covering $25,000 per person, $50k max, and $100k per accident is activated.
  • Driving to pick up a rider, a $1 million per accident liability policy takes effect until the rider has been dropped off.

Lyft opted for this coverage because not many accidents hit $1 million unless you’re driving a new McLaren or the driver hits numerous vehicles simultaneously with maximum capacity achieved in each.

We’re the Lyft Accident Attorney Salt Lake City Trusts

Competent representation is decisive in achieving results accident victims are entitled to. As many victims are battered, bruised, scared, or simply unaware of what legal recourse is available, we’ve positioned ourselves so clients feel at home with our firm. You’re hurt and want to be paid.

We take personal injury cases seriously because nothing hurts worse than being forcibly put out of work due to long recoveries. Medical bills will pile up, as will mortgage payments and utilities. Food, medicine, and the lifestyle you enjoyed prior to your Lyft accident are jeopardized because your bank account is drying up.

The Jardine Law Offices P.C. fights for victims wronged by rideshare drivers. We’ll work your case from start to finish with only the largest possible settlement as our goal. Our process is straightforward, while our entire team upholds the highest integrity of law practice and fact gathering.

Needed a lift, but got a bad Lyft? Contact the Lyft accident attorney Salt Lake City residents know best, The Jardine Law Offices P.C.