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Wrongful Death Attorney Farmington

Accidents, in their many forms, can lead to someone’s untimely death. Whether it’s a massive collision or a structure that caved in, various acts of negligence in Utah have wrongfully taken the lives of innocent people for many years. What may seem innocent on the surface could be something much more sinister underneath, the reason surviving families hire a wrongful death attorney Farmington residents have relied on for years.

Jardine Law Offices P.C. treats wrongful death cases that stemmed from another’s negligent actions seriously, and consoles families in the same fashion they’d console their own during similar situations. Whether it’s by jury award or pretrial settlement demand, our team will fight to get the compensation for your loved one’s death that you deserve.

Negligence kills. We fight the source.

The most common incidents of wrongful death are car accidents. Drivers under the influence, distracted by technology, or those who have road rage are common culprits of negligence. Statistics have proven it takes mere seconds of poor driving decisions to cause a deadly wreck. Wrongdoers may survive, but the innocent drivers and passengers they kill aren’t so lucky. Our office has dealt with many deadly car accidents over the years, all of which could’ve been avoided with extra care.

Premises liabilities are another source of wrongful death. Tripping down a flight of stairs, slipping on slick floors, and being electrocuted inside the apartment victims were paying for are common causes of wrongful deaths on properties controlled by others. The wrongful death attorney Farmington tenants and patrons hired from our office over the years has gotten favorable settlements in these situations.

Workplaces are yet another venue for wrongful deaths. Employers who don’t lockout machinery but expect employees to operate in any way jeopardize their safety and, in extreme cases, their lives. Jardine Law Offices P.C. has had tremendous success holding employers accountable over the years.

It only takes one act of reckless regard for other human beings for an otherwise normal day to turn deadly in a hurry.

When wrongful deaths happen, families are left picking up the pieces. Burial costs can be expensive, as can handling any financial affairs left behind by the decedent. These are costs that surfaced much sooner than intended, forcing many stable families into financial dire straits.

We hold negligent parties accountable

Angry families want justice. That’s exactly how their loved one would want this untimely demise approached, and that’s what is going to happen. Skilled and educated, an aggressive wrongful death attorney families like you have used in the past is available at Jardine Law Offices P.C.

There’s never a charge for our initial consultation, and wrongful death cases we’re hired to litigate cost nothing to the plaintiffs until we’ve successfully settled the case, or are awarded compensation by the jury. If we collect nothing, surviving families owe nothing.

No amount of money can bring your loved ones back. Our team is truly sorry for your loss, and vow our unwavering support and rigorous representation of your wrongful death case.