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Uber Accident Attorney Farmington

Being the most popular ridesharing app certainly has its advantages. Uber, a San Francisco firm offering mobile ride-hailing through their integrated app, operates in numerous countries and indirectly employs thousands of drivers across the United States. Personal vehicles are used to offer rides in the largest of cities or the remotest of country back roads. And of course, accidents happen.

Because Uber drivers are often as negligent as other drivers, Jardine Law Offices P.C. can hold rideshare drivers accountable when they get in a wreck. Victims get an incredible level of representation from the Uber accident attorney passengers and other innocent drivers have relied upon in their darkest hour.

Due to a large liability coverage amount, passengers and drivers of other cars can see compensation when an Uber driver recklessly operates their vehicle in a manner that causes serious injury.

Uber accidents are increasing

The ridesharing company offers everyday people the opportunity to earn extra money for toting around passengers. Background checks are thorough, with a heavy concentration on criminal activity and driver safety. Vehicles must be clean and relatively modern, insurance and registration must be a date, and drivers must of course have access to their app. That’s it.

Uber doesn’t account for driver experience or their ability to remain focused on the task at hand. Negligence isn’t something that’s predictable; drivers choose to fumble around the floorboard for something while driving or make the unwise choice of driving while intoxicated. When accidents happen, the Uber accident attorney Farmington victims call is from Jardine Law Offices P.C., because we know car accident law.

Because Uber themselves doesn’t directly employ drivers, they’re not bound by commercial insurance rules. Instead, they blanket each vehicle with $1 million in total accident coverage. Anything that goes beyond that threshold must be held against the driver’s personal policy. Now, many believe accidents don’t reach $1 million, yet drivers are surprised when several people’s injuries are bad enough to amass Uber’s generous liability policy.

Victims didn’t deserve their injuries, so our firm works hard to get every penny they deserve. There are very rare circumstances where Uber themselves can be held liable, although we’ll find fault and litigate against those parties when appropriate.

Rideshare accident victim? Call today.

Passengers of Uber vehicles, drivers of cars Uber vehicles hit, and passengers of those cars may be entitled to compensation to cover medical bills, income loss, and emotional distress experienced due to an Uber driver’s negligence. After receiving medical attention and cooperating with law enforcement, contact the Uber accident attorney Farmington accident victims trusted with their auto accident claim.

The Jardine Law Offices P.C. adopted ridesharing litigation into its service offerings knowing not all ridesharing experiences would be positive. Given that Utah experiences numerous car accidents annually, and Uber drivers use their personal cars, it’s safe to say even rideshare passengers are susceptible to personal injury.

To get your accident claim reviewed by an expert Farmington Uber accident attorney, contact our office after you’ve recovered enough to begin the process.