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Taxi Cab Accident Attorney Farmington

Although technology has forced old-school cab companies to rethink their business model, hailing cabs around Utah hasn’t lost its necessity, popularity, or nostalgic value. Offering fares that run concurrent with ridesharing companies, taxicabs offer 24-hour services in many cities. The problem with taxicabs is consistent with other roadway issues – negligent drivers. Whether it’s taxicabs wrecking due to another’s negligence or drunk cabbies trying to take passengers home, accidents will happen.

One taxi cab accident attorney cabbies know well, Jardine Law Offices P.C., holds cab companies accountable when passengers are injured due to negligence of taxi driver, or recklessness of another driver. Victims of cab collisions paid their fares but probably didn’t sign up for an accident.

Injured because of cab driver negligence, or were you injured when another vehicle slammed into the cab you hired? Substantial compensation is possible, but only the best representation can increase how much is collected.

Do Cabs Differ from Ridesharing Cars?

There’s essentially nothing different between Lyft, Uber, and regular company-owned cabs. Although company cabs are seeing as much as 65{e5f0ef1a42106cc8b203833a9c3c2c30f408a85a022c8afb1558119fad706149} of their business go to ridesharing apps, they’re still very much alive – and wreck just as often. One slightly different aspect separating rideshares from company cabs is how the liability policy works.

Whereas Lyft and Uber offer a ‘blanket policy’ which provides $1 million in liability coverage when a rider’s request is accepted, taxicabs purchase an annual commercial insurance policy with similarly high limits but are specific to one or more registered vehicles – not drivers. Whenever someone new begins their shift with company-owned cars, the policy remains in effect whether they’re driving it, taking lunch, or getting it serviced.

Complexities in commercial insurance mean people should trust Jardine Law Offices P.C, the one taxi cab accident attorney Farmington cab companies know they’ll have trouble fighting in court. Experienced in personal injury litigation, Joseph Jardine and Peter Goodall will take cases where negligent cabs hurt other drivers and their own passengers.

Negotiating settlements is always preferred in cases where a serious injury occurred, but both attorneys prepare every case like it’s going to trial. The stronger the case, the better settlement offers they receive.

Our Team Awaits Your Cab Accident Claim

The team at Jardine Law Offices P.C. knows that time is as critical as the preservation of evidence. That’s why working alongside victims, their families, law enforcement, and hospital staff will ensure every case gets its fair shake in court. We’re on your team from beginning to end.

Let’s face it: hiring any local taxi cab accident attorney Farmington residents may have suggested through social media, or in person, isn’t easy. You just wanted a simple cab ride home from work, or your friend’s house – you didn’t ask for this injury. But now you’re out of work and stuck home until you’ve healed, and bills are piling high.

If another driver rammed into your taxi, or the driver of your cab was negligent in any manner, contact the Jardine Law Offices P.C., immediately after you’ve been medically cleared or are well enough to speak.