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Premises Liability Attorney Farmington

Tenants have the right to feel safe in the apartments they rent. Restaurant patrons have the right to walk to the salad bar without worrying about breaking their ankles. In fact, anyone existing on another person’s premises by permission has a right to feel safe; for commercial property owners, it’s the law. An unfortunate trend around Utah is liability accidents that stem from poorly kept premises.

Should you find yourself injured after being invited onto somebody else’s property, regardless of reason, may be entitled to substantial monetary relief. The Jardine Law Offices P.C. is the premises liability attorney businesses fear, and patrons trust, during times premises liability issues arise.

Provided the injury happened due to negligence, accident victims are urged to contact us immediately.

Premises-related injuries get serious

Whenever you have a property owner that simply doesn’t care, the condition of the building and the grounds will show it. In an effort to cut down on costs, many property owners simply forgo major repairs and ‘patch things up’ the best they can. Same goes with restaurant owners in a hurry to clean up the floors, even hotel bosses that demand work gets done quick, even if that means sloppily.

Patrons that exercise “reasonable caution” and see nothing dangerous are often the ones that fall victim to premises liability injuries. Because negligence must contribute to a person’s injury in order for that injury to be actionable, obvious dangers such as jumping over a fence that says “Danger – High Voltage” won’t fly because laws contend the dangerous conditions must be unobvious to reasonably intelligent people.

Jardine Law Offices P.C. provides an exceptional level of legal representation for those injured persons wanting to hold property owners accountable for causing them undue hardship and serious injury. With the premises liability attorney Farmington victims have trusted for years working on claims deep into the night, many claims won’t have to see courtroom action as they’ll get favourably settled in many cases.

Victims of premises liabilities from Farmington, Salt Lake City and every city surrounding them will receive the magnificent family-like representation you simply won’t find anywhere else. Our commitment to making victims whole again is unparalleled.

The Jardine Team awaits your call

Many people who have fallen victim to premises liability injuries may feel intimidated by the property owner, maybe a manager of the property, or perhaps the insurer. Perhaps you’ve been approached by a property owner who wanted to give you a small cash payment to stay quiet. Or maybe you’ve been threatened with an illegitimate countersuit if you said anything to an attorney.

Well-trained in negotiation, and highly educated in premises liability law, the skilled premises liability attorney Farmington patrons, tenants, and vacationers need during times of extreme physical and emotional distress is right around the corner from everywhere in Salt Lake County.

Jardine Law Offices P.C. provides hope to victims who once felt hopeless, and can help negotiate settlements for those financially broken by no choice of their own. Contact our firm for a no-cost claim evaluation.