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Dedicated Juvenile Delinquency Lawyer & Personal Injury Lawyer

Kids will be kids is a fact, but it is not the best defense in a courtroom. Kids will make mistakes, but they shouldn’t have their futures ruined for their youthful indiscretions. That is why parents and their children should take juvenile delinquency charges seriously and not just rely on the mercy of the judge, jury or the court. You want to create an effective resolution so your child does not walk into adulthood with any strikes against them.

The best way to approach juvenile delinquency charges is to take them seriously and retain a juvenile delinquency attorney. I have years of experience defending juveniles charged with delinquent acts in Farmington. If your kid is in trouble related to delinquency, give my office a call. I will put together the best defense to ensure they can leave their past behind them.

Juvenile Delinquency

Juvenile delinquents are classified as – minors who have committed some act that violates the law. These acts aren’t called “crimes” as they would be for adults. Rather, crimes committed by minors are called “delinquent acts.” Instead of a trial, the juvenile has an “adjudication,” after which she receives a “disposition” and a sentence. However, juvenile proceedings differ from adult proceedings.

The clients we get at Jardine Law Offices P.C. are often accused of truancy and similar acts associated with juvenile delinquency i.e. skipping school, doing drugs, smoking cigarettes or breaking curfew. After they have been caught numerous times for different offenses, they become familiar with the juvenile justice system. Their charges are compiled and the consequences become more and more severe.

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so we can prepare an aggressive plan of attack. The sooner we devise a strategy the better the chances we have of securing their future.

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