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Bus Accident Attorney Farmington

We’ve all know and trust local bus authorities around Salt Lake County. Even Greyhound buses that frequent this area have been used by thousands in Farmington and surrounding cities. With reasonable rates and accessibility for those without transportation, buses offer wider reach than trains. Children, too, benefit from buses as they’re able to ride safely to school instead of risking long walks.

What happens when bus accidents injure one or several passengers or wreck into passenger cars? the Jardine Law Offices P.C. will defend those seriously injured when negligent bus drivers fail in their duty to protect those they’re transporting.

With an incredible bus accident attorney Farmington residents and Salt Lake County riders know will fight bus companies on your team, odds are great that proper restitution will be paid to victims.

Bus accidents are rarer, but still happen

NHTSA reports that 106 bus drivers and riders were killed across the country from 2004 to 2016. That’s not many, considering the number of accidents you’ve probably seen while watching the evening news or reading newspapers. The number of school bus injuries across the United States, however, are in the thousands during the same period. And that’s not accounting for public buses and Greyhounds.

Seatbelts may prevent many schools and public transportation accidents and deaths. Since none of today’s bus systems have restraints in them, it’s an instant liability issue for drivers and bus companies before the wheels start turning.

Personal injuries that happen when buses slam into inanimate objects, other cars and trucks, or into other buses range from cuts and bruises to death. Speed, size of the object, and other factors will play into how serious one’s injuries may end up being. Regardless, the bus accident attorney Farmington victims need to handle their cases comes from the Jardine Law Offices P.C.

Willful negligence in bus accidents isn’t hard to establish. Many documented cases of intoxicated bus drivers exist across America and numerous cases where drivers simply weren’t cognizant enough to handle maneuvering much larger vehicles exist, too. Negligence comes in many forms, all of which are actionable when proven.

Compensation bus accidents may receive includes income replacement, pain and suffering, medical bill payments, and in certain cases, loss of consortium.

Bus accident victims, you’re not alone.

Along with many others who’ve probably been injured during the same trip, you’re probably scared and unsure who to hold accountable for this unnecessary bus accident. Just know our dynamic law firm is there to help substantiate your claims and can certify classes for class action should others feel they’ve been wrongly injured.

Serious accidents deserve Jardine Law Offices P.C., a knowledgeable bus accident attorney Farmington injury victims received their compensation from, and have referred clients to.

Evaluations of your bus accident claim cost nothing, and our work is only paid for when we’ve got your settlement check. Should your bus accident case lose traction in court, or lose at a jury trial, you’ll owe us nothing.

The city bus, school bus, or Greyhound, negligent accidents are all the same.