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Salt Lake City Bicycle Accident Attorney

The NHTSA reported 818 bicyclists were killed in 2015, accounting for nearly 3% of all vehicular fatalities during that year. The government safety organization estimated 45,000 bicycle accidents during the same year, costing local economies $4 billion. With these statistics much higher than one would fathom for bicycling, it stands to reason vehicles should probably exercise better judgment when encountering bike riders.

The Jardine Law Offices P.C. provides intelligent representation to those injured while riding bicycles. As our Salt Lake City bicycle accident attorneys have countless hours of trial and negotiation experience, we bring favorable results to bicyclists.

Why is Bicycling So Dangerous?

Having over 800 bike riders decease national certainly describes an ongoing issue with riders safety. With most larger cities paving special bicycle lanes, it’s not unreasonable to assume motorists would stay in their lanes. Unfortunately, impaired or distracted drivers may enter these special areas, hitting riders who don’t see an oncoming vehicle.

We’re entering an era where saving on carbon emissions and smog levels mean taking alternative methods of travel to work, to school, and on short day trips. Widely underappreciated, bicyclists are often victims of accidents that could’ve been prevented with a second look, or more careful control of a much larger conveyance.

In 19% of the above-mentioned bike deaths, the driver’s breathalyzer reading was at or above the legal limit. And it’s not just younger folks losing their lives in these cases; the national average age of bicycle-related deaths was 45 in 2014, a 21-year increase since 1988.

Cities have gotten better about accommodating the growing populace of bicyclists by paving lanes, putting signage on sidewalks, and evening imposing fines if motorists fail to yield. Salt Lake City is one city where bicyclists are welcomed, even encouraged.

Our Salt Lake City bicycle accident attorneys look at all aspects of bicycle wrecks, taking into account where the cyclist was riding, the traffic conditions, the state of the at-fault driver, and what we’re able to capture from traffic cameras or witness accounts.

We Settle Bicycle Cases. Or You’re Not Paying.

Personal injuries like bicycle accidents obviously cost insurers money. They know this. How much they’re willing to pay depends on specific facts, such as how long an injured party may lose wages, if they’re killed or permanently disabled, what psychological issues arose from this event (if any), and how much they feel this case is worth settling for before heading to court litigation.

A knowledgeable attorney from the Jardine Law Offices P.C. can significantly increase what injured bike riders receive. This may include replacing your expensive bicycle, getting medical bills covered, wages replaced, and imposing punitive damages to the at-fault parties and, if possible, the city for failure to accommodate the bicyclist.

Our fees are contingent on performance. Once you’ve retained our services, we front all costs related to your bicycle accident. If you’re unsuccessful in securing compensation from our efforts, you pay nothing. It’s that simple.

Reach out to our well-trained, highly talented Salt Lake City bicycle accident attorneys today.

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Date published: 02/01/2019

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