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Posted On Jul, 06, 2017
By jardinelawoffices

It goes together like peanut butter and jelly; popcorn and movies, and hot cocoa and marshmallows – drugs and rock and roll. Of course, rock stars are not the only musicians who partake in this vice. Many singers over the decades have used everything from hallucinogens to prescription drugs to cannabis to “tap into their … CONTINUE READING

Posted On Jun, 30, 2017
By jardinelawoffices

Every year there is a list of the “Top Party Schools in America.” Schools like Louisiana State University, University of Florida, Florida State University and Arizona State University are staples on this list. A few lesser known schools have been able to claw their way to the Top 20, but they are not as popular … CONTINUE READING

Posted On Jun, 29, 2017
By jardinelawoffices

Almost every high school senior has done it – played pranks on either the staff, faculty or rival school. It’s an American tradition. From toilet-papering the hallways to stealing another school’s mascot, high school seniors have pulled their share of pranks over the years. And each year, the new crop of seniors try to top … CONTINUE READING

Posted On Jun, 23, 2017
By jardinelawoffices

Domestic violence is a very real problem in America. A big portion of the population is involved in some sort of domestic violence situation, either knowingly or unwittingly. The hard part about being in a domestic violence situation is leaving it. Some people deal with years – even decades – of domestic violence before they … CONTINUE READING

Posted On Jun, 22, 2017
By jardinelawoffices

When it comes to being a kid or teenager we all did stupid things. We all had our mischievous sides we exercised every so often – some more than others. It was not uncommon for teens to get into trouble, but it seems like a few decades ago the trouble we got into wasn’t at … CONTINUE READING

Posted On Jun, 16, 2017
By jardinelawoffices

Domestic violence is prevalent in this country. Every day, thousands of people are abused mentally, physically or even sexually by their partners. It is such an epidemic that there are literally dozens of shelters for victims to go to in major cities. The worst part about domestic violence is that the behavior exposes itself over … CONTINUE READING

Posted On Jun, 15, 2017
By jardinelawoffices

Drugs and drug trafficking have become a worldwide epidemic, and for the United States, there is no exception. In the past decade alone there has not only been an increase in the amount of drugs trying to be smuggled into the country but an increase in the types of drugs on the streets. Decades ago, … CONTINUE READING

Posted On Jun, 09, 2017
By jardinelawoffices

Recently, U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions ordered federal prosecutors to be even harsher on drug crimes offenders. Sessions said there is a moral responsibility on the part of the government to make sure the country is not contaminated by drugs and drug criminals. Prior to Sessions becoming Attorney General, drug punishments were loosened a little … CONTINUE READING

Posted On Jun, 03, 2017
By jardinelawoffices

Adults may not want to admit it to their children, but for many of them, they have had their experimental phases with alcohol and drugs. But it seems like the past two generations got off a little easier (as long as they were not major players in any type of drug cartel) compared to the consequences … CONTINUE READING

Posted On May, 30, 2017
By jardinelawoffices

Sometimes our anger gets the best of us in certain situations and we may do something we regret, like hit someone else. This is common usually in bars, on the scene of an accident, or in everyday life if you’re having a bad day and someone agitates to the point of violence. The best way … CONTINUE READING