Being Accused of Domestic Violence Can Harm More than Your Reputation
Being accused of domestic violence is a serious situation it says a lot about the character of the alleged abuse, contact domestic violence attorney in Farmington today for your case.
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Posted On May, 21, 2017
By jardinelawoffices

Domestic violence is defined as “violent or aggressive behavior within the household, usually involving a spouse or significant other.” Every year, thousands of women press domestic violence charges against their spouse or significant other. Many claims are warranted, but much more are unsubstantiated. Being accused of domestic violence is a serious situation. It says a …CONTINUE READING

Posted On May, 13, 2017
By jardinelawoffices

Sometimes our anger gets the best of us in certain situations and we may do something we regret, like hit someone else. This is common usually in bars, on the scene of an accident, or in everyday life if you’re having a bad day and someone agitates to the point of violence. The best way …CONTINUE READING

Posted On May, 05, 2017
By jardinelawoffices

Sometimes people experiment with different things in life. Some are action junkies. Some get addicted cheating, while others try their hand at gambling. But sometimes you can go overboard. When an action junkie starts taking unnecessary risks it could lead to them paying the ultimate price. Infidelity, although it may not lead to death – …CONTINUE READING