South Carolina Police Officer Sentenced to 20 Years in Prison for Shooting Death of Black Motorist
One of the most high-profile cases recently came to a close when Michael Slager, a white police officer in North Charleston, SC, was sentenced to 20 years in prison for the shooting death of black motorist Walter Scott.
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Posted On Dec, 08, 2017
By jardinelawoffices

Tensions between police officers and many in the African American community have rarely been worse. Whether it is racial profiling or shootings and beatings caught on camera, the rising amount of incidents involving law enforcement and black motorists have given rise to movements such as Black Lives Matter and other protest groups. One of the …CONTINUE READING

Posted On Dec, 02, 2017
By jardinelawoffices

A DUI arrest can happen to anyone. It can even happen to the most responsible and law abiding citizen. Because Utah’s drunk driving laws are among the toughest in the nation, the consequences can be severe. In addition to facing the loss of your driver’s license, paying a heavy fine and possible jail time, just …CONTINUE READING

Posted On Nov, 25, 2017
By jardinelawoffices

Legal consequences of juvenile theft crimes can break a minor’s life and turn it upside down. Although under federal and state laws in Farmington and elsewhere in Utah penalties for juvenile criminals are not as severe as for adults, poor legal representation and inadequate criminal defense for juvenile offenders can leave an indelible mark on …CONTINUE READING

Posted On Nov, 18, 2017
By jardinelawoffices

Few men in Hollywood command more power than Harvey Weinstein. The movie producer had the reputation for making and breaking careers. But now Weinstein’s career and future are hanging in the balance. Several women, including actresses Naomi Judd and Rose McGowan, have come forward with allegations of sexual assault and rape. Although the growing number …CONTINUE READING

Posted On Nov, 10, 2017
By jardinelawoffices

Alex Wubbels doesn’t consider herself a hero. She was simply doing her job. But there are plenty of people around the country who would respectfully disagree. Back on July 6th, the University Hospital nurse made national headlines after she was arrested by a Salt Lake City police officer for refusing to draw blood from an …CONTINUE READING

Posted On Nov, 03, 2017
By jardinelawoffices

Earlier this week, U.S. senators called for a repeal or amendment of a controversial law that stripped the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) of its most effective tool to take on drugs in the country. In April 2016, Congress passed the law that stripped the DEA of its most potent tool against large drug companies suspected …CONTINUE READING

Posted On Nov, 02, 2017
By jardinelawoffices

Not all personal injury attorneys in Utah are the same. One of the most common mistakes made by accident victims make is choosing the wrong legal professional. For example, not all personal injury attorneys are able to handle all types of motor vehicle accidents. Did you know the legal process and procedures for car accidents …CONTINUE READING

Posted On Oct, 28, 2017
By jardinelawoffices

It’s a scary statistic. According to the FBI, violent crime increased by 5 percent throughout Utah in 2016, compared to 4.1 percent for the rest of the country. During that period, 7,407 violent crime arrests were documented in Utah, including cases of murder, robbery, rape and aggravated assaults. With the exception of rape, each different …CONTINUE READING

Posted On Oct, 20, 2017
By jardinelawoffices

Here is a simple question. When was the last time you checked the air pressure in your tires? If you are like many drivers in Utah, the answer may be never. The results could be disastrous. Underinflated tires are one of the leading causes of blowouts that can lead to a fatal car accident. Yet, …CONTINUE READING

Posted On Oct, 14, 2017
By jardinelawoffices

A man with a substantial criminal history was recently accused of killing a fellow inmate in Utah. He may face the death penalty, according to prosecutors. Death penalty is strictly determined by the jury in Utah and the decision must be unanimous. Aggravated murder is the only crime subject to this penalty. Contact a Farmington …CONTINUE READING