Filing Your Wrongful Death Claim Alone? You Shouldn’t.
An expert Farmington wrongful death attorney won’t charge for wrongful death action until they’ve settled your claim. Doing business any other way is simply ridiculous.
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Posted On Mar, 08, 2018
By jardinelawoffices

Facing life after losing someone to criminal homicide, medical malpractice, occupational hazards or other premises liabilities is tough. Funeral arrangements, estate settlement and planning for a rocky future devoid a household breadwinner drains one’s emotional gas tank rather quickly. You’re contemplating filing suit, but really don’t have enough strength to find a credible Farmington wrongful … CONTINUE READING

Posted On Mar, 01, 2018
By jardinelawoffices

From 2012-2016, 40% of all car accident fatalities were credited to excessive speeding. 98 speed induced car crash deaths were recorded in 2016 alone, of which 12 fell into the 15-19 age demographic. Inexperience, distraction, terrain and underestimating curves may contribute to these teen deaths. But much like homework, cleaning rooms and being back before … CONTINUE READING

Posted On Feb, 22, 2018
By jardinelawoffices

As an attempt to delay the introduction of stricter new drink driving laws in Utah did not get sufficient support amongst lawmakers, it looks likely that the blood-alcohol content limit will be reduced from 0.08 to 0.05 by the end of 2018. Rep. Karen Kwan, D-Murray, sponsored House Bill 345, which initially proposed delaying these … CONTINUE READING

Posted On Feb, 17, 2018
By jardinelawoffices

If you get into a motorcycle accident – or any other motor vehicle accident, for that matter – it would make sense to take all the time you need to recover 100% before returning to work. But unfortunately, it’s not what happens in the vast majority of cases. In reality, injured Americans are forced to … CONTINUE READING

Posted On Feb, 09, 2018
By jardinelawoffices

Fighting is just part of life, right? Ok, most of us really don’t like it, and it’s not much fun, but since you were fighting in the playground over who won a game of football, it’s been a standard way to solve disputes. Whether you call it a fight, a bar brawl, fisticuffs, or defending … CONTINUE READING

Posted On Feb, 02, 2018
By jardinelawoffices

A truck accident in Salt Lake City on January 22 had tragic consequences for a 46-year-old utility van driver after his vehicle collided with a semi-trailer. Shortly before 1 pm on Monday afternoon, the utility van driven by Richard Searcy rear-ended a semi-truck at 2100 S 900W, leading to the death of Mr. Searcy. According … CONTINUE READING

Posted On Jan, 26, 2018
By jardinelawoffices

If you slip and fell on someone else’s property, you’re probably thinking about filing a premises liability lawsuit against the property owner. But before taking legal action, it’s highly advised to estimate the value of your claim in order to have an upper hand and know what settlement would be fair and what would be … CONTINUE READING

Posted On Jan, 18, 2018
By jardinelawoffices

Some charges filed against minors are ridiculous, and some arrests made against children can be unfair with devastating consequences. If your child has been arrested or charged with juvenile delinquency, you may want to speak with a criminal defense attorney before these charges ruin your child’s life. The last thing you would want is for … CONTINUE READING

Posted On Jan, 13, 2018
By jardinelawoffices

Salt Lake City man, Harley Gregory Welsh, is going to be very familiar with the inside of the state’s court rooms after allegedly racking up an astonishing 8 felony charges during just 10 days in December. Welsh’s spree goes even further, however, as he’s facing more than one dozen charges in total. When Harley Gregory … CONTINUE READING

Posted On Jan, 05, 2018
By jardinelawoffices

Car accidents can be a traumatic experience, even when they’re relatively minor. Of course, there’s a world of difference between a small bump and a multi-car pile-up but, no matter how little damage you seem to have done, you should never leave the scene of a accident without reporting it to the police and waiting … CONTINUE READING