A Slip And Fall Accident At Starbucks In Utah: Who's Responsible For Your Damages?
That is why it is highly advised to consult with a Salt Lake City slip and fall accident attorney to find out more about your legal options to recover compensation.
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Posted On Jul, 20, 2018
By jardinelawoffices

As Starbucks has recently changed its bathroom policy to be open to all, including non-customers, it is fair to say that even more people will be going to Starbucks not only to grab a cup of latte, but also to answer nature’s calls. That’s right, as more people will be allowed to use Starbucks restrooms … CONTINUE READING

Posted On Jul, 12, 2018
By jardinelawoffices

No one plans on being in a car accident. It happens unexpectedly and can truly terrify you. Many Americans have gotten into an accident during their lifetime. The insurance companies may not be really looking out for you. Sometimes you feel you may be doing the right thing but it’s the complete opposite and may … CONTINUE READING

Posted On Jul, 06, 2018
By jardinelawoffices

Ridesharing is one of the most unique and innovative inventions we have today. Many people enjoy the convenience of it. All you have to do is press a few buttons on your phone and a driver picks you up and drops you off to wherever you have to go. It’s a great alternative to taxis. … CONTINUE READING

Posted On Jun, 29, 2018
By jardinelawoffices

Getting in a car accident is scary. It’s random and can happen to anyone. You just didn’t think it’d happen to you. Now you have to recover mentally and maybe even physically. The last thing you want to do is deal with the insurance company. You know insurance companies are greedy and may not want … CONTINUE READING

Posted On Jun, 22, 2018
By jardinelawoffices

When people talk about distracted driving, the first thing that comes to their mind is someone texting. But what about talking on the phone and answering phone calls while driving? Do these activities constitute distracted driving in Salt Lake City and elsewhere in Utah? Contrary to the popular belief, there is nothing police in Utah … CONTINUE READING

Posted On Jun, 15, 2018
By jardinelawoffices

The summer brings with it the blazing sun and a wealth of fun activities for adults and children alike. However, some of these activities can be a danger to the well-being of you and your loved ones. According to the American Association of Orthopedic Surgeons, trampolines are the cause of more than 246,000 injuries in … CONTINUE READING

Posted On Jun, 08, 2018
By jardinelawoffices

It is pretty simple: if you get injured, you want to obtain compensation for your injuries and damages as soon as possible and then carry on with your normal life. Sadly, not all victims of motorcycle accidents in Salt Lake City and all across Utah are successful in their efforts to recover damages through a … CONTINUE READING

Posted On Jun, 01, 2018
By jardinelawoffices

The injury is always devastating and recovering from the effects of an injury can be hard, but what is worse than your own injury is your child’s injury. After initially reacting to your child’s injury and making sure they are ok you immediately start to run through what could have caused your child’s pain and … CONTINUE READING

Posted On May, 25, 2018
By jardinelawoffices

Each year, Americans make about 8 million emergency room visits after slip and fall accidents. And not all of these slips, trips and falls are caused by negligence. Rather, victims of slip and fall accidents are often to blame for their own injuries. The legal success of your premises liability claim and financial compensation hinges … CONTINUE READING

Posted On May, 18, 2018
By jardinelawoffices

A death of a loved one is definitely one of the toughest challenges that life can possibly throw at you. The burden of loss and emotional distress associated with a family member’s death can take months or years to cope with. All these factors make it nearly impossible to think straight and make rational decisions. … CONTINUE READING