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Posted On May, 17, 2019
By jardinelawoffices

Parents love their children no matter what. It is a parent’s job to stick by their child’s side through their darkest days. From your child getting detention in school or getting into a car accident, we get it: children make mistakes. Everyone makes mistakes. It doesn’t mean that those mistakes should completely ruin our lives … CONTINUE READING

Posted On May, 11, 2019
By jardinelawoffices

There is nothing like reading a good mystery murder novel. As a reader, you get a front seat to twits and curves of a plot. Imagine reading about a company that trains young workers as a residency program when something goes horribly wrong. Imagine reading that the company was responsible for the death of one … CONTINUE READING

Posted On May, 04, 2019
By jardinelawoffices

Rideshare services like Uber and Lyft offer a fast and expedient way for people to get where they’re going—and people are going more than ever. As of 2016, Uber and Lyft drivers travelled a combined 500 million miles per month across the United States. However, researchers say that the convenience and affordability of ridesharing come … CONTINUE READING

Posted On Apr, 26, 2019
By jardinelawoffices

A Get Gephardt investigation into injuries sustained in Utah’s trampoline parks has had a positive outcome. A law requiring this formerly unregulated industry to operate under state standards is nearly in place following revelations during the investigation that showed the inherent danger these parks present to patron safety. The bill was sent to the governor’s … CONTINUE READING

Posted On Apr, 19, 2019
By jardinelawoffices

Rosie Harris’ family is still grieving her 2017 death at the hands of her partner. And to add insult to injury, the property owned by Harris at the beginning of the relationship will now partially benefit the woman’s murderer. The property in question was Harris’ home when the two met in 2015. They later refinanced … CONTINUE READING

Posted On Apr, 13, 2019
By jardinelawoffices

Reality TV fans will be saddened to hear that Lydia Compton Foster, star of the popular TV show “Three Wives, One Husband,” was seriously injured when her car was hit by a semi-truck. Foster, who is one of three wives in a plural family that is chronicled by the show, was 23 weeks pregnant. Foster’s … CONTINUE READING

Posted On Apr, 06, 2019
By jardinelawoffices

Winter can be really hard for people. The days are shorter and the weather gets colder. It doesn’t leave most of us motivated to run outside and do errands. Instead, people are more likely to stay inside and carb load on winter favorites. However, there are the few that go absolutely nuts for winter. This … CONTINUE READING

Posted On Mar, 30, 2019
By jardinelawoffices

Forensic pathologist, Dr. Omalu, has been making headlines for years since his discovery of chronic traumatic encephalopathy (‘CTE’), the brain condition that develops due to repeated blows to the head. Dr. Omalu put a spotlight on professional football and the dangers of concussions after performing an autopsy on former professional football player, Mike Webster. Dr. … CONTINUE READING

Posted On Mar, 23, 2019
By jardinelawoffices

It is hard to imagine losing a child. If you have children I am sure the thought is terrifying and paralyzing. To lose a child means to not only lose a youth but to lost a bright future. Losing a child is traumatizing and can cause issues within the family and marriage. Grieving over a … CONTINUE READING

Posted On Mar, 16, 2019
By jardinelawoffices

New information from a Governors Highway Safety Association study indicates that while the national rate of auto versus pedestrian deaths is on the rise, Utah’s rate is on the decline. Still, the rate of pedestrian deaths makes up 15 percent of all road fatalities throughout the state, even though they account for only 1.5 percent … CONTINUE READING