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Posted On Oct, 28, 2017 By jardinelawoffices

It’s a scary statistic. According to the FBI, violent crime increased by 5 percent throughout Utah in 2016, compared to 4.1 percent for the rest of the country. During that period, 7,407 violent crime arrests were documented in Utah, including cases of murder, robbery, rape and aggravated assaults. With the exception of rape, each different crime category increased over the previous year. But a closer look at those statistics reveal violent crime has increased in the state’s 30 largest cities, with 1,815 cases of violent crime committed in Farmington alone.

Rise of Juvenile Violent Crimes

Another closer look at Utah’s violent crime statistics also shows a noticeable increase in juvenile offenders. Many of these crimes are the result gang violence. Police in Farmington had discovered a greater effort by gangs to recruit younger members, including a greater emphasis on children in elementary school. Detectives in the Farmington Department also notice a rise in juvenile crimes during the summer months when school is out of session. Even the victims of violent crime are getting younger. Don’t hesitate to consult a Farmington juvenile crimes attorney if your juvenile is facing serious charges.

Rise of Drug Crimes

The use of opioids has skyrocketed in the last ten years. The problem is so serious, it has now caught the attention of the White House. President Trump recently called opioid use the biggest drug epidemic in the nation’s history. There is plenty of evidence to support that claim. Consider these statistics:

  • An average of six people in Utah die each week from opioid overdose.
  • Utah has the 7th highest rate of drug overdose deaths in the nation.
  • Nearly 80 percent of heroin user started using prescription opioids.

Opioids can be found in medicine cabinets throughout the Beehive State. Many people use medications, such as OxyCodone, to relieve chronic pain. However, they are also among the most addictive substances available on the market. The epidemic and increased numbers of addicts has also led to greater numbers of violent crime. Contact Jardine Law Offices our initial consultation is free of charge. Call us today and talk to Farmington juvenile defense attorney Joseph Jardine.