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Posted On Jun, 16, 2017 By jardinelawoffices

Domestic violence is prevalent in this country. Every day, thousands of people are abused mentally, physically, or even sexually by their partners. It is such an epidemic that there are literally dozens of shelters for victims to go to in major cities. The worst part about domestic violence is that the behavior exposes itself over time, but the victim talks themselves into staying either because they feel it is their fault, or their partner had a bad day, or because they feel that they may be able to change them eventually. Many cases have a happy ending, with the victim finally leaving the situation and moving on and the perpetrator either arrested or not allowed to contact them. While other cases end up with a visit to the hospital before serious action is taken. Either way, it is a traumatic ordeal for those involved.

Jardine Law Offices P.C. has been representing domestic violence clients for years. They bring their Salt Lake City experience to Farmington and can take on any situation thrown at them. They realize during a time like this, you need an effective yet compassionate domestic violence attorney in Salt Lake City to help you navigate your way through tumultuous times. Their staff of legal professionals has the resources and the track record to make sure you are represented thoroughly and walk away with the best possible outcome for the situation you are in. Domestic violence situations can turn ugly extremely quickly, so taking the right steps immediately is paramount to your case.

Women Can Be Abusive, Too

On Mother’s Day of 2016, a woman beat her husband with her fists and a coat hanger because he and his child “got the wrong flowers and candy.” The woman obviously was displeased as she beat the man continuously from Saturday night until Sunday morning. When police arrived on the scene, they could see visible bruises and cuts on the victim. The woman was arrested and released the following day on a $750 bond. It is unclear whether the child was present at the time of the attack.

What may seem like a funny story to most people can escalate over time to become quite serious. Men are usually thought of as the aggressors in a domestic violence incident, but many women have been known to attack their boyfriends and husbands. When that happens, you need an effective yet compassionate domestic violence attorney in Salt Lake City that takes every case seriously. Most men are afraid to report their domestic violence situation for fear of not being believed, or worse, ridiculed.

Male or female, if you find yourself in a bad situation and you need help taking the necessary steps to get out and speak with an effective yet compassionate domestic violence attorney in Salt Lake City. Your safety and peace of mind depend on it. Contact us today for a free consultation, and we help you to move in the right direction.