What to Avoid During a DUI Arrest in Farmington
If you are caught in a DUI arrest situation in Farmington you have to avoid a few things during a DUI arrest or take help of a Farmington DUI arrest attorney who knows how to work the law.
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What to Avoid During a DUI Arrest in Farmington
Posted On Mar, 29, 2017 By jardinelawoffices

So, it has finally happened. You got pulled over while under the influence of alcohol. Our initial reaction is to panic and try to prove to the officer just how drunk we are not. But police officers are like sharp, keen canines; they can tell when something is amiss. The last the you want to do is make the situation worse by saying or doing something you would later regret. If you are caught in a DUI arrest situation in Farmington, you need a Farmington DUI arrest attorney who knows how to work the law to your advantage and help you get into a more favorable position. Here are a few things to avoid during a DUI arrest in Farmington.

Your Car

A police officer needs probable cause in order to make a traffic stop. The cause can be anything from a violation, a noticeable defect in your vehicle’s safety equipment, or driving in such a manner that leads them believe you are intoxicated. To reduce the chances of getting pulled over, in general, make sure your car’s equipment are in working order i.e. brake lights and tail lights work; speedometer is working properly to gauge your speed; brakes are functioning properly, etc.

The less reason you give for a police officer to look your way the better. But if you are pulled over and happen to have alcohol in your system, remain calm. Don’t make things worse. Getting off with a warning or no ticket is the best case scenario, but if you do need representation by a Farmington DUI arrest attorney, call the Jardine Law Offices and speak with me, Joseph Jardine, or one of my legal experts.

Be Aware of Traffic Laws

Obviously, breaking any traffic laws will get you pulled over a lot quicker than abiding by them. But also going well below the minimum speed limit is a great way to attract attention from the police. Wearing your safety belt is a good precaution to take — and it is the law — when trying to avoid attention from the police.

Also, the chances of being stopped around “happy hour” is extremely high. Officers are aware of all the events and the common bar times in the area and usually wait for someone to slip up and nab them. It is ideal if you do not drink and drive, but if you do get pulled over do the following:

Make sure all of your documents are in order.

If the officer asks if you’ve been drinking, do not admit to anything. Instead, ask “do you wish to see my license?” or “why do you ask?”

Always be courteous, not belligerent.

If the officer asks you to perform a field sobriety test, cooperate or risk being arrested.

But if you are arrested for any reason, call Jardine Law Offices for one of our legal professionals to guide you through the next phases of this process. If it is your first offense, you have a better chance of a more favorable outcome. If this is your second or third offense, we can handle the matter just as well. Our DUI arrest attorneys are aggressive but compassionate when it comes to your defense. Give us a call today so we can put you in the best position for success. Don’t wait any longer. Call now!