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You need to contact your lawyer ASAP and seek legal protection. If you don’t presently have an attorney, find one before speaking with the police. Many cases are won or lost at the “investigation” stage. Police officers are very good at making an interview with them seem routine. Nothing could be further from the truth. Facing a police officer on your own is like giving a loaded gun to an infant. You may believe that, because you have a college degree and are good at expressing yourself, you can avoid any serious mistakes that may jeopardize your future. You may believe that “just being honest” with the officer will make all your problems go away. You may think that “you have nothing to hide” so why not talk with the officer? Please recognize that those types of thoughts and feelings have led many a fool like a lamb to the slaughter. Police officers are trained interrogators that will take your statements out of context and spin them to fit their narrative. Your only chance is to hire a skilled attorney to balance the inherent inequality of power and protect your constitutional rights. This is exactly the situation that PEP is designed to deal with. Instead of scrambling to find and vet a competent defense attorney – a process that can take days or longer – you will have a top-notch defense team at your disposal and only a phone call away. With PEP you don’t have to worry about deductibles or up-front retainer costs; once you are enrolled, you are protected at your chosen level of protection. If you are not yet enrolled in PEP, call today and get the ball rolling in your defense.