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Posted On Oct, 26, 2021 By jardinelawoffices
Category: Educators PEP FAQ

Jardine Law Offices (“JLO”) has created the Protection for Educators Program (“PEP”). Once enrolled, PEP will defend you against any criminal allegations made against you while you are at school. This would include any allegations regarding students, co-workers, administrators, or school property. Your coverage is immediate once you retain us. There is no deductible to pay, there is no reimbursement to worry about, there is no worry. You simply pay your monthly retainer, and we do the rest. That retainer is an easy $19.99 per month.

Have you been wrongly admonished by your supervisor? Have you been placed on administrative leave? Did you injure your knee going up the stairs at school? We have you covered! If you would like to also receive legal advice and protection in the areas of work-related injuries and employment issues, the monthly retainer is still only $29.99 per month.

Did you get a DUI over the weekend? Did you get in a fight at home where the police were called? Were you arrested as part of a protest? If it happened in Utah, we have the solution for you. Coverage for all of those situations, 24/7 coverage for any issue like that within the State of Utah, is only $34.99 per month.

Contact us today to answer any questions and to start this important legal protection