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Category: Educators PEP FAQ

If you are currently a licensed educator or a school district employee in the State of Utah, and you are not presently under investigation or on administrative leave, you are eligible to enroll in the JLO Protection for Educators Program (“PEP”). An “educator” is defined as anyone employed by the school district, who has passed a background check, and regularly comes into contact with students: this includes teachers, teacher’s aides, administrators, coaches, janitors, playground attendants, substitute teachers, kitchen staff, etc.

Be aware that enrolling in the PEP will only protect you from the day you enroll going forward. Stated differently, if you were concerned about something that happened last week and decided you might need an attorney to help you, you are too late. PEP will not cover you for past actions, it will only cover you for future actions.

In the example above, JLO attorneys would still be willing and able to help you, but you will be required to pay a minimum of $2,500 to put JLO on retainer. If charges were later filed against you, you would then be responsible for potentially tens of thousands of additional dollars in attorney’s fees.

Given the current chaotic social environment, the prudent professional will enroll in PEP at the cost of a daily soda from a vending machine, rather than potentially paying out tens of thousands of dollars on a future claim.