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Posted On Oct, 20, 2017
By jardinelawoffices

Here is a simple question. When was the last time you checked the air pressure in your tires? If you are like many drivers in Utah, the answer may be never. The results could be disastrous. Underinflated tires are one of the leading causes of blowouts that can lead to a fatal car accident. Yet, … CONTINUE READING

Posted On Aug, 31, 2017
By jardinelawoffices

Car accidents can happen in many places and in a variety of ways. But one of the most common types of car accidents is the rear-end scenario. Many people assume the person hitting the car in front is always at fault but that is not always the case. Negligence is determined based on the circumstances … CONTINUE READING

Posted On Aug, 03, 2017
By jardinelawoffices

While every vehicle accident is different, most collisions generally involve either injuries or damage to your property. Filing a claim when the vehicle is yours is generally easy, depending on the circumstances. But what happens when you crash your rental car? That dreamy getaway can become a nightmare in just a few seconds if you … CONTINUE READING