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Posted On Jul, 20, 2017
By jardinelawoffices

Over the past few decades, meth has become one of the most popular – albeit deadly – drugs in the United States. Many people get hooked on it, and breaking the habit is next to impossible. People have literally destroyed their lives for this drug. It has cost them their jobs, families, possessions and even … CONTINUE READING

Posted On Jun, 15, 2017
By jardinelawoffices

Drugs and drug trafficking have become a worldwide epidemic, and for the United States, there is no exception. In the past decade alone there has not only been an increase in the amount of drugs trying to be smuggled into the country but an increase in the types of drugs on the streets. Decades ago, … CONTINUE READING

Posted On Jun, 09, 2017
By jardinelawoffices

Recently, U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions ordered federal prosecutors to be even harsher on drug crimes offenders. Sessions said there is a moral responsibility on the part of the government to make sure the country is not contaminated by drugs and drug criminals. Prior to Sessions becoming Attorney General, drug punishments were loosened a little … CONTINUE READING