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Posted On Jun, 29, 2017 By jardinelawoffices

Almost every high school senior has done it – played pranks on either the staff, faculty or rival school. It’s an American tradition. From toilet-papering the hallways to stealing another school’s mascot, high school seniors have pulled their share of pranks over the years. And each year, the new crop of seniors try to top the previous seniors’ hi-jinks. Everything usually goes off without a hitch, and the school administration is lenient on the perpetrators. But what happens when a prank goes too far and off the rails? What happens when a seemingly innocent incident gets out of control? How can that affect the student? Will it affect their future?

If a minor gets in trouble with the law, they need to obtain an experienced juvenile delinquency defense attorney in Farmington. Depending on the situation, there can be numerous outcomes. Many juvenile delinquency cases that come before an attorney are pretty cut-and-dry. It may be the first offense, or the accused may be well underage. But for more serious offenses with juveniles who are a lot older, any moderate to major infraction could severely knock their future off track, perhaps permanently ruin it. Hiring an experienced juvenile delinquency defense attorney in Farmington to represent them is your number one priority.

As kids get older, they should realize that laws start applying to them more and more. What they could have gotten away with as children and preteens could have serious repercussions because they are less and less governed by their parents. Unfortunately, many believe if they are still under their parents’ roof, their parents are responsible for their actions. Most of the time they act without thinking, leaving them and their parents in a bind. The only option left is to find an experienced juvenile delinquency defense attorney in Farmington who can effectively represent them.

In 2016, a graduating senior class followed the tradition of stealing their rival school’s mascot. The prank had been going back and forth between both schools for decades without incident. However, this time around, some unruly seniors went overboard and trashed the school’s lockers, trophy cases and some of the classrooms. Everything was caught on camera and the teens were arrested. Since it was the first offense for each of them, they opted to pay for the damages, but were expelled and were not allowed to graduate with their class. Two of them lost their college scholarships.

Juvenile delinquency is more than just a kid skipping school or sneaking a cigarette somewhere on campus. It can have serious ramifications in the long run. Jardine Law Offices P.C. has been defending juvenile delinquent clients for many years, and they boast some of the top experienced juvenile delinquency defense attorneys in Farmington. If your child is in trouble with the law – no matter how slight – contact Jardine Law Offices P.C. for a free consultation. They will help devise a winning strategy to get the best outcome for the situation at hand. Contact them today.