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A man with a substantial criminal history was recently accused of killing a fellow inmate in Utah. He may face the death penalty, according to prosecutors. Death penalty is strictly determined by the jury in Utah and the decision must be unanimous. Aggravated murder is the only crime subject to this penalty. Contact a Farmington criminal defense attorney if you are facing criminal charges in Utah.

The case

Ramos Luis Riviera was charged with aggravated murder and possession of items that are not allowed in these facilities. The 32-year old stabbed someone who is apparently a rival gang member. The attack was recorded by surveillance cameras and the victim died on the day after the attack. If Rivera is convicted, the judge will take a closer look at the evidence before sentencing him.

Another inmate by the name of Albert Collin Fernandez was also charged in connection with the crime. He had kicked and punched the victim several times. Fernandez had been charged with murder so he will not suffer a death penalty. He also has a substantial criminal record, including assaults, drug possession, theft, burglary, among others. His next court day is next month.

The victim, Jeffrey Ray Vigil, had been in prison since 2015 and he also had a significant criminal record, which includes drug possession, possession of dangerous weapon, and many other state and federal charges he was facing before his death.

Utah capital punishment laws

Capital punishment is legal in Utah. The state has already executed over 50 people years. While 18 states banned such punishment, there are still 32 states that allow it. Only serious criminal charges might carry a death penalty. Capital punishment is a controversial topic many people are unwilling to discuss. This is why Farmington criminal defense attorneys are always there to protect the legal rights of individuals with substantial criminal records.

How a Farmington criminal defense attorney can help you

If you are seeking the advice of a criminal defense attorney in Farmington, call us today and schedule your initial case evaluation. Attorneys can help you figure out what’s the best course of action as they how these laws can work on your favor. Attorneys work closely with their clients to create a strategy that meets their needs and always seek to defend you from any criminal charges you may be facing.

Depending on your charges, you may be able to have them dropped or significantly reduced. An experienced attorney can represent you in trial and fight for your rights. All criminal cases are different and attorneys know how to pick the best portions of your case and negotiate on your behalf. They know how the legal system is designed and will make sure your interests are fully protected.

If you have been detained, you should remain silent and consult with your attorney first. Call us today and schedule your initial case evaluation with one of our talented attorneys.