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Posted On Jun, 22, 2017 By jardinelawoffices

When it comes to being a kid or teenager we all did stupid things. We all had our mischievous sides we exercised every so often – some more than others. It was not uncommon for teens to get into trouble, but it seems like a few decades ago the trouble we got into wasn’t at the magnitude of kids today. Or maybe people were more lenient and took a “kids will be kids” approach to teens messing up. Eventually, most teens straighten up and go on to be productive members of society. However, being arrested, charged or convicted of “criminal mischief” can have a lasting impact on your life, both in the near and distant future. Juveniles nowadays have to be extra cautious not to put themselves in a predicament that could hurt their chances for a bright, successful future.

If your juvenile finds themselves in trouble with the law for theft, hiring an experienced juvenile theft crimes defense attorney in Farmington is your top priority. Give your teen a fighting chance to move past their mistake and live a normal, healthy lifestyle. The shadow of a conviction could possibly determine whether they get into college or not, or whether future employers will be understanding enough to realize they were young did not exercise great judgment at the time. Unfortunately, a smudge on their record could drastically change the course of their life. In order to stop that, call Jardine Law Offices P.C. to speak with a legal professional who is an experienced juvenile theft crime defense attorney in Farmington with the track record to back it up.

The most common theft crimes for juveniles include:

Joyriding – Without condoning it, many adults have been joyriding in their parents’ car before. Basically, taking their car out without permission (usually without a license) and cruising around with friends. But in many cases, the parents report the car was stolen and the teen is arrested. Most parents get upset, but they drop the charges. Very few – but it does happen – allow the officers to do their job as a “lesson” to their child. If they are under 18, the case could be possibly sealed. But it still is not a good start into adulthood.

Petty Theft – Many teens give into the pressure of trying to fit in and often do things they know are wrong. Malls are common hot spots for petty theft. CDs, DVDs, makeup, games are all some of the more popular lifted items. Many stores ban the perpetrator as punishment, but some involve the law, making things more difficult for the teen and their parents.

If your teen has been arrested or charged with juvenile theft, contact Jardine Law Offices P.C. and speak with an experienced Farmington juvenile theft crimes defense attorney in Farmington. They know what it takes to defend a misguided teen and get them back on track. Schedule a free consultation today and let them help your juvenile work toward a bright, successful future.