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Posted On Aug, 04, 2017 By jardinelawoffices

As children go back to school many parents are worried about the dangers they will face. It’s important you find out what to do if your child ever gets injured at school. While everybody hopes for the best, it’s good to prepare for the worst. It’s common for children, particularly the little ones, to play and run careless while on school property. Although schools are generally responsible to keep them safe, parents should also educate their children to behave their best. Contact a Farmington slip and fall attorney to explain your family’s rights in this category of personal injury claim.

Slip and fall accidents

Your child’s safety should be the school’s first concern, especially for schools undergoing maintenance and construction work. When children fall on wet surfaces without being warned, you can claim the school didn’t take the necessary steps to correct the issue. Children should not be exposed to such unsafe environment. There is also another situation where children playing on a playground are at risk due to poor maintenance. Whether holes in the ground or any other hazards, you should always tell your children to be careful.

When is the school at fault?

The school may be at fault for an injury if your children are exposed to one of these unsafe environments:

  • If children were not evacuated during unstable weather, fire, and any other situation that may have caused injuries.
  • When a child is hit by a playground due to lack of supervision.
  • When children were not provided emergency medical treatment at school.
  • If the walls or stairs were damaged and the school failed to repair them.
  • Security policies were not followed and unauthorized strangers entered the school.
  • The food served at the cafeteria was not cooked properly.
  • Children were injured in a school bus accident.

Although the school can’t guarantee your child’s safety, there are things they can do to prevent such dangerous incidents.

Some tips for parents

Parents are also responsible to keep their children safe. You can have some legal problems if the following occurs:

  • If you failed to provide the school with specific instructions about your children’s medication.
  • It’s your responsibility to teach your children to respect school authority.
  • The school has a ‘zero tolerance’ policy you should be familiar with.
  • Your children should not run in hallways and need to respect school safety rules.
  • You can be sued in cases where your child may have injured another child while playing or at any other school activity.

Ask your Farmington slip and fall attorney

It’s never too late to ask your Farmington slip and fall attorney about your rights. If your child is injured at school, you may have a case. Just remember there are strict deadlines that may apply to your specific case, particularly for public schools. You should always check the school’s insurance policy and understand what’s covered. Remember the consequences of an injury may not be evident at first but they can develop over time and carry long-lasting consequences that necessitate ongoing medical treatment and therapy. Contact us today and schedule your initial case evaluation. We’ll help you determine how much is your case worth.