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Posted On Aug, 17, 2017 By jardinelawoffices

Rape is a sensitive topic many people feel uncomfortable discussing. These conversations are emotionally charged, especially for teens wrongly accused of such crimes. It is painful for victims of rape but even more painful for those who have not done anything wrong. Unfortunately, some girls like to take advantage of shady circumstances and they lie about being raped. These fallacies can ruin anybody’s reputation forever. The alleged criminal will always be seen as a rapist unless he hires an aggressive Farmington juvenile sex crimes attorney.

False rape accusations

People often love the dramatized versions of rape published in the media. It attracts viewers or followers but it can also cause much harm to people wrongly accused of sex crimes. It simply ruins innocent lives. Almost 50 percent of sexual-assault cases don’t proceed because there is lack of evidence and 6 percent are false accusations. About 35.3 percent of all incidents reported will actually lead to formal charges. The popular statistics that 2 to 8 percent of rapes reported are false accusations is misleading. There are other factors that need to be considered before coming to a conclusion.

The typical accuser

The most common accusers found in many studies done by different institutions are actually teenage girls. This is the teen that tells her parents she was raped because she is pregnant and too scared of what parents or friends may say. Parents are generally the ones getting involved in these cases and calling the police to assist them. In fact, half of rape cases are actually reported by someone other than the victim. Another typical case of rape is when the accuser reports the rape in order to get medication. These category of accusers do not pursue charges after they got what they wanted. As soon as they get the medical care they were looking for, they leave the alleged criminal alone.

The dangerous accuser

This where we have to be careful how we speak since some rape victims can be accused of being mentally unstable. But if we concentrate only on false accusers pursuing charges against the alleged criminal, we will find out that many of them have a history of of criminal fraud and come from criminal families. It is the environment they love to fabricate and where they want to remain. Perhaps the accuser suffered sexual abuse in the past and now she sees everyone as a potential rapist.

Challenging the lies

Some false accusers of rape are motivated by revenge and they will not stop until the alleged criminal suffers the desired sentence. Whether due to personal gain or mental instability, false accusations should be disputed in court. If your teen has been wrongfully accused of a sex crime, it is best you hire an experienced Farmington juvenile sex crimes attorney. Criminal charges can ruin your teen’s future. At Jardine Law Offices our initial consultation is free of charge. Call us today and talk to Farmington criminal defense attorney Joseph Jardine.