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Posted On Aug, 24, 2017 By jardinelawoffices

Domestic violence is a controversial topic. Unfortunately, some victims may not describe these incidents as they truly happened. Authorities generally favor the accuser, even when he or she is wrong, which adds to the countless false allegations of reported domestic violence cases being filed each year. The accused can have his or her life turned upside down after facing these charges. It’s best to hire a Farmington domestic violence attorney to lead the way and protect the accused’s rights.

Some issues related to false allegations

It’s common for people who reported crimes that didn’t occur to face criminal charges for misleading authorities. But this is not how things work in domestic violence cases. Accusers of domestic violence are never charged with false allegations. The main reason for this is allowing people to feel free to report these incidents. Genuine victims may feel afraid when imposed false allegation charges like in other criminal cases. They may feel if they speak up, they will end up in jail.

Most states don’t require physical aggression in order to receive a protective order. Simple reasons such as feeling afraid or emotionally distressed, allows the accuser to find protection, even when such allegations are fallacies. Allegations of domestic violence are also prevalent in many divorce cases, particularly during child custody battles. Unfortunately, almost 30 of all divorce cases involve these allegations.

Some statistics to consider

About 1.5 million restraining orders are issued every year involving false or irrelevant allegations. Studies show that over half of all physical violence allegations never happened, which makes almost 70{e5f0ef1a42106cc8b203833a9c3c2c30f408a85a022c8afb1558119fad706149} of restraining orders issued annually. All this inconvenience can cost taxpayers about $2,000 per order. Most of these orders are against men. Only 15{e5f0ef1a42106cc8b203833a9c3c2c30f408a85a022c8afb1558119fad706149} are actually used against women. Overall, there are about 700,000 false allegations of domestic violence in the United States every year. These are alarming statistics that speak for themselves. Even when the accused spends only one night in jail, it can cost about $60 million to taxpayers. This is money that could have been used for other more important projects.

What can you do when facing these charges?

The first thing is to hire an experienced Farmington domestic violence attorney and allow justice do the work. Perhaps you are in the middle of a divorce and your family law attorney suggests handling these charges for you. It’s best to seek the advice of a criminal Defense attorney since this is their field of expertise.

You will also need to recover any evidence of communication with the accuser. Whether text messages, emails, or voicemail, any piece of evidence can help. It may be possible that the accuser tries to press charges using part of the communication evidence and you may need to show the whole picture in order to prove your innocence. You also need witnesses that will protect your interests and testify of your personality in a positive way.

When at the hearing, it’s important you stay calm all the time. It’s easy to get frustrated and become angry. It’s not advisable as it may only prove the court that you are an abuser or violent person. These are things your attorney will be able to explain in more details. You will be instructed about what to say or do during trial.