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Posted On Jun, 03, 2017 By jardinelawoffices

Adults may not want to admit it to their children, but for many of them, they have had their experimental phases with alcohol and drugs. But it seems like the past two generations got off a little easier (as long as they were not major players in any type of drug cartel) compared to the consequences individuals face today. Today, with the strict laws on drugs and near-zero tolerance policy, someone could get a heavy sentence for a what could be considered by some as a “victimless crime.” An entire future could be ruined because of a minor indiscretion. Having a drug conviction on your record could seriously damage your ability to perform as a productive member of society.

If you live in Farmington and you have been charged with drug possession, you need a criminal defense attorney who can help you get your future back on track. Jardine Law Offices P.C. have been handling drug possession cases and representing drug possession clients for years. They know the ins and outs of the court system, so they are extremely qualified to get you the most favorable results for the situation you are in. They are considered some of the best drug possession and criminal defense attorneys in Farmington.

Even though a lot of adults experimented with drugs when they were younger, the law takes possession and use of illicit substances very seriously. “It’s just a phase” is not an excuse they hold in high regards. And depending on the city or state, the laws could vary in severity. But obtaining a drug possession or criminal defense attorney in Farmington gives you a better chance of fighting those charges. Jardine Law Offices P.C.has a stellar reputation for getting the most favorable results for the situation you are in.

As a juvenile, you may be lucky enough — if you do have a drug conviction on your record — to get it expunged. But as an adult, it is permanent. But, there are some scenarios in which the courts will dismiss the charges if you fulfill certain criteria:

Drug Rehab – If this is your first offense, most judges will be lenient and allow you to attend drug rehab. Once you have completed your hours, and as long as you have not gotten into any legal trouble during your stint at drug rehab, the judge may drop all the charges, leaving you with a clean record.

If you have been charged with drug possession in Farmington, call Jardine Law Offices P.C.and speak to one of their Farmington drug possession or criminal defense attorneys about your case. They have an excellent track record when it comes to representing drug possession clients and getting them the best results possible in their situation. Do not wait until it is too late. The longer you postpone your call, the more detrimental it will be to your case. Give Jardine Law Offices P.C.a call today for a free consultation.