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Posted On Jun, 23, 2017 By jardinelawoffices

Domestic violence is a very real problem in America. A big portion of the population is involved in some sort of domestic violence situation, either knowingly or unwittingly. The hard part about being in a domestic violence situation is leaving it. Some people deal with years – even decades – of domestic violence before they walk away from the relationship. Some do not find the courage to do so and it usually ends up horrifically for them, and it takes an emotional and mental on their family and loved ones. For the lucky ones, they manage to escape and move on to a better life. But the psychological damage is real, and may take years of therapy to get over.

Jardine Law Offices P.C. has seen their share of domestic violence cases in Farmington. They have witnessed firsthand the effects of being in an abusive relationship and how it can reduce a person to a shell of themselves. Watching clients walk in with horror stories of abuse is enough to make them want to fight hard for those enduring the situation. They are some of the most compassionate and fierce domestic violence attorneys in Farmington. Watching clients walk through the door in search of help drives them to do what it takes to protect their rights.

As compassionate and fierce domestic violence attorneys in Farmington, Jardine Law Offices P.C. have a working idea of what makes the offender tick. That insight gives them the edge when going to war for their clients.

Most abusers have low self-esteem, anger issues, or are extremely jealous, so they feel the need to control their partners. Most of the time that comes in the form of physical force or violence. They may also feel inferior to their partner either financially or scholastically.

Some may have “traditional” values which makes them see women as less than men, so they are essentially their property to control. Many others grew up in an abusive household, so it is learned behavior. And some may have a personality disorder that is undiagnosed.

Many abusers were victims of abuse themselves. Their abuse could have taken any form, from physical to sexual abuse. Since they were victims themselves, they most likely believe that violence is a normal part of life and a way of communication. As they got older they never broke out of that frame of mind.

If you are in a domestic violence situation in Farmington, you need to contact a compassionate and fierce domestic violence attorney in Farmington that will not only fight diligently to get you out of your current state, but help you assess your next move. Jardine Law Offices P.C. has done this for many of their clients and have a stellar track record to prove it. Do not hesitate; give them a call today for a free consultation and get the ball rolling on not just escaping your existing reality, but building a better a brighter future. The longer you wait, the more it can hurt.