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Posted On Aug, 10, 2017 By jardinelawoffices

Some children do not have the most stable home life and begin to rebel. This seems to be the case of the now-infamous Cash Me Outside teen who became famous after appearing on an episode of Dr. Phil for her erratic behavior. Things have finally come full circle as she has gone to court for the four previous arrests she had. She was sentenced to a mere five years of probation after pleading guilty to some of the charges against her. The charges include grand theft, drug possession, and filing a false police report. Danielle Bregoli obtained counsel from a juvenile crimes attorney. At the Jardine Law Offices P.C., our Salt Lake City juvenile crimes attorney has experience with cases just like this one and works hard to obtain the best possible results for the minor.

The Charges

The teen was accused of stealing her mother’s purse and car leading to the charges of grand theft. She was found to be in possession of marijuana in a later incident leading to the drug charges. Lastly, she called the police and told them her mother was using heroin. When they arrived at the home they found a white substance on the bathroom counter which had been planted by Danielle using powdered sugar as an attempt to frame her mother. She pleaded guilty to all of these charges and ended up with the sentence of five years probation as opposed to the more serious consequences. While serving her probation she will need to be enrolled in a sexual education course, domestic violence course, and anti-theft courses. She will also need to complete 100 hours of community service and will have a curfew. The curfew is from 5 p.m until 6 a.m meaning she must be home during those hours. The questions still remain as to what will happen when she turns 18. The charges were brought against her when she was thirteen and she was sentenced at age 14. This would mean that the five-year probation for juvenile charges will follow her past her 18th birthday into adulthood.

Reformed Teen

The reason behind the seemingly lighter sentence is due to her reformed behavior. After she appeared on Dr. Phil, her mother sent her to a turnaround ranch for troubled teens. Her mother and herself say that this experience changed her and gave her the time to do some soul-searching and reflect on the mistakes she has made. The court took this into consideration and a representative of the Juvenile Department of Justice says that she seemed to have changed over the past year.

When your juvenile is facing serious charges like grand theft or drug possession do not hesitate to contact a Salt Lake City juvenile crimes attorney with years of experience obtaining favorable results for their clients. Retaining a competent attorney can make the difference between having a juvenile record that can follow you and have your name cleared while being able to move on with a bright future.