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Posted On Aug, 03, 2017 By jardinelawoffices

While every vehicle accident is different, most collisions generally involve either injuries or damage to your property. Filing a claim when the vehicle is yours is generally easy, depending on the circumstances. But what happens when you crash your rental car? That dreamy getaway can become a nightmare in just a few seconds if you don’t know what to do. A Farmington car accident attorney can explain what your legal options are in such scenarios.

The problem with rental cars

Rental car contracts are just like any other contracts. They can be lengthy and hard to understand. But one thing is clear, you are responsible for any damages caused to your rental car notwithstanding who caused the accident. This is why when you rent a car, you should first make sure the car is not damaged. You can be charged for a small scratch even if it was not your fault. Perhaps whoever rented the car before you caused these damages but the vehicle was not properly inspected.

Your credit card and insurance company

Not all insurance companies cover for driving a rental car. You must read your policy carefully and make sure such coverage is provided. However, if you are not sure, you may want to contact your insurance provider. If you are not covered, it’s highly advised you purchase the rental car insurance coverage.

There are also some credit cards that provide rental car insurance coverage when you use that specific credit card. These companies may cover all damages, even if it was your fault. In some cases, you will also receive coverage for any injuries sustained in the accident. You just have to make sure you understand how your credit card insurance coverage works as it may only be a secondary coverage. In order to receive coverage, you must report your accident immediately to your credit card company.

When you have no coverage

If you caused the accident and you have no insurance coverage, the rental car company will request you reimburse them for all the damages caused to the rental vehicle. If anyone sustained injuries in the crash, you will also have to compensate the victims for such damages.

However, when the other driver caused the accident, his or her insurance will have to compensate you for all the damages and injuries you and other passengers in your vehicle sustained in the accident. You should contact the rental car company and tell them to work directly with the party at fault. You just have to stay vigilant as it’s possible the rental car company charges your credit card instead of calling the party at fault. This means you may have to deal with the other driver’s insurance and request reimbursement for everything you paid. It can be a long and complex process without a car accident attorney.

Reach out to a Farmington car accident attorney

Being involved in a rental vehicle accident can be an overwhelming experience. Don’t do it alone. Call us today and schedule your initial case evaluation.