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A juvenile can be accused of different theft crimes such as robbery, burglary, and even shoplifting. It’s common seeing well-behaved teens committing crimes like these due to peer pressure and other factors. The legal consequences of such crimes can significantly alter the teen’s future when not dealt with in a timely fashion. This is why it’s important to seek the legal advice of an experienced Layton Juvenile theft crime attorney who will represent the juvenile accused of committing theft.

Layton juvenile courts

Juvenile courts were established to help young people avoid severe punishment and to favor rehabilitation over punishment. Although the penalties under juvenile court are not as severe as those in adult courts, the results of theft crimes can be as severe as any other crime.

Some things the court will consider

There are a few things the court will consider when handling a juvenile case:

  • Whether an offense happened in the past.
  • How much was stolen?
  • If there are other crimes involved.

Above all, it’s essential you have an attorney with you at all times that will help you reach a successful resolution. Criminal records can affect the teen into adulthood when not handled adequately.

Penalties for juvenile theft charges

A juvenile offender is anyone who violated a state or federal law under the age of 18 or if they are under 21 years old and the law was violated prior to turning 18 can be tried in juvenile court. There is also the status offender and delinquent youth where the juvenile has committed a misdemeanor or felony.

Some of the penalties for conviction on a juvenile theft include:

  • Restitution to victims
  • Incarceration in a juvenile detention facility
  • Community service
  • Paying fines
  • Rehabilitation programs and mandatory counseling

Rights of a Juvenile in Layton

Utah Courts protect the juvenile’s identity by closing the hearings to the public. Juveniles who have been abused or neglected can seek a protection order. Juveniles have some legal rights in court such as:

  • The right to hire a criminal defense attorney
  • They can defend themselves in court
  • Protection from self-incrimination.
  • Knowing the type of accusations
  • Right to witnesses and to appeal
  • Right to fast trial and time to prepare for trial

Representing juveniles accused of theft in Layton

Many times adolescents don’t realize the serious consequences of engaging in theft crimes. Their young minds are still developing and they are highly influenced by what their friends say. Whatever motivated your teen to engage in such criminal activities, we are here to protect the legal rights of juveniles in Layton. There are serious significant consequences that must be avoided but it’s only possible with adequate legal representation.

If your teen has been in trouble with the law due to an offense involving theft, it’s time you seek legal advice from Juvenile theft crime attorney Joseph Jardine. From shoplifting to credit card fraud, he has the experience required to handle these types of cases and reduce the ongoing damage the charge may be causing. Contact us today and schedule your initial case evaluation.